Race Day 10-5-2016

1 Connor Caroline M 2 Stephanie Aidan M 3 Caroline B Blair 4 Jordan Abby T 5 Sam Bruce Camille 6 Mariner Andrea 7 Maddie Sophie 8 Sam Reilly Marcus 9 Peter J Addi 10 Will M Blake 11 Jack Aidan B 12 Baillie Julia FJ Teddy Maddie M FJ Christiaan Benjamin Coach Boat Go […]

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Practice Plan Monday, 10-3-2016

We will warm up together and then split up, doing boat handling drills separately. Today we have a film crew coming to practice…drones and all…..so make sure you’re lookin’ goood. FJ Connor Abby T FJ Stephanie Aidan M FJ Caroline B Blair FJ Jordan Andrea FJ Sam Bruce Camille FJ Maddie Sophie 12 Mariner Caroline […]

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