Practice Monday 10-25-2021

We will focus on FJ boat handling today, moving to TR practice. After warm ups I will move over and work with the 6 FJ’s, everyone else will practice in 420, and also stay near enough to the dock to rotate people in. Normal Warm up. With everyone TR focus: stop/start/ balance final beat drill […]

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Practice Friday 10-22-2021

RED/BLACK vs. BLUE/GREEN OLYMPIAD Come up with a team name. FIRST GAME: 1-2 Fleet/Team races. Lowest combined score wins. Your combined points in this “fleet” race, to win, must be lower than 39. (50,000 points) Relay Race. You will choose your batting order, and then race around a very short course going opposite directions around […]

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Practice Thursday 10/21/2021

If anyone would like to practice skippering today, please let me know Back to basics: Video of tacks/gybes, and mark roundings. Rig and go out. 420 Dock 1 Ava Raam 2 Anna Howell 3 Chris M. Kate Castleberry Finn Fries 4 Sam Reese Corckran MacKenzie Getz 5 Will John Szynal Cherop Soi 6 Emma Fritz […]

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Practice Wednesday 10/20/2021

Match Race / Boat Handling Practice During our annual 2 on 2 Last-Boat-Loses Tournament. See teams below. We will try to do a non-stop round robin with limited umpiring. When not playing, make sure your team STAYS OUT OF THE WAY and is also ready to play (stay near the starting line) Everyone NOT on […]

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Practice Toosday, 10/19/2021

BEAT YOUR GUY DAY:  Focus: Match Racing —> Team Racing & Match Racing -> during a Fleet Race In team racing, sometimes it comes down to three individual match races. If you beat your guy, you are doing your job. Having an advantage off the starting line is a vastly important thing in team racing […]

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Practice Monday 10-18-2021

Today we will work on moderate/windy boat handling. We haven’t had much time with wind this fall, so it will be important. Keys will be acceleration in bigger wind from a starting line, mark roundings, and tacking/gybing. No Pontoon boat. We will make an effort to either have the boats come in and rotate off […]

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Practice Thursday, 10-14-2021

Final fleet racing work if there is wind…. If not, today is International Kunik day… 420 Coach Boat(s) 1 Thomas Ella May 2 Robby Lilly Baker Natalie King 3 Kyle Chase Finn Fries 4 Ava Scarlett Harris MacKenzie Getz 5 Sam Alex Brenia Anna Howell 6 Raam Lila Gibson Cherop Soi 7 Nate Paisley Pentecost […]

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Practice Wednesday 10-13-2021

Fleet Racing Practice Basic club 420 boat handling acceleration/starting/lane management 420 Coach Boat(s) 1 Thomas Scarlett Harris 2 Robby Lilly Baker Natalie King 3 Kyle Alex Brenia Finn Fries 4 Ava Chase 5 Sam Paisley Pentecost Anna Howell 6 Raam Lila Gibson Cherop Soi 7 Nate MacKenzie Getz Gavin Petrinko 8 Will John Szynal Emma […]

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