Race Day Results 9/22/2020

W/NW wind today at 6-13 knots. Course was longer and starting line very long and generous. Teams that were shifting speed gears today did well along with their ability to re-focus and release any pre-conceived notions about the race course. Today’s wind was all about being open to any new place to go. Lots of […]

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Race Day Tuesday 9/22/2020

Race Day: On the water judging in effect. No pre-meeting. Head right out. Course will be 4 legs or modified, please ask race committee. Sitz z420 Coach Boat Coach Boat 1 Zander King Rees Tindall Raeha Richman 2 Thomas Sitzmann Raam Fox Dede Tindall Kiernan Robinson 3 Robby Meek Lilly Baker Gavin Petrinko 4 Chris […]

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Practice Wednesday 09/16/2020

-Makeup run for those that have not done it yet. -no pre-sail meeting………….You can rig and head right out. Team Race Practice with 6 boats for Red and Blue. Pig in middle drill. do these if you get out early,  on your own. Pig in middle… 2 reds against a blue, and 2 blues against […]

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Practice Tuesday 9/15/2020

-Make up run tomorrow for those that still need to run -When you get to the Marina, check in with me if you were not on campus today, and we will re-institute temperature checks for those that did not go to school today. – No pre-sail meeting. Dress, rig, and go. You can head out […]

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