Friday Practice 3-29

FJ DAY for top 6 boats Lots of boat handling with all 9 boats, and a few crew switches. TR Drills: 420’s do pig in middle with both crews First beat communication and balance DW in SNO: Red in 2,3,6 and 1,4,6 Final beat Red in 2,3,6, and 1,4,6 Maybe a few 3 on 3. […]

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SB Practice Thursday 3-28

Final 3 Races Team Race Practice afterward.   420 coach boat 1 Jordan Bruce Andrea Riefkohl 2 3 Sam Bruce Addi Harris 4 Maddie Hawkins Marcus Adam 5 Caroline Bayless Ryan  Wahba 6 Owen Hennessey Rees Tindall 7 Teddy Cromwell Jack O’Donnell <-Alex Brenia 8 Zander King Cole Petrinko <-Regan King 9 Patrick Dolan Hayden  […]

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SB Practice Wednesday 3-27

EVERYONE SAIL 420 TODAY -RACE DAY. We will have at least 3-4 Races if there is enough wind. Everyone sail 420’s today to make it fair. -Also we will do a 2 on 2 TR Tournament as well, maybe with mixed teams. -Primary Focus today is Fleet race performance/regatta prep. Secondary focus is TR boat […]

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SB Practice Tuesday 3-26

HAUL BOTH COACH BOATS TODAY FOR SURE!!! Today will be Team Race Tuesday Your focus today will be working on (A) improving your team-work and boat handling in the FJ. This is the critical focus. Second focus is (B) working on communication with your teammates. I will occasionally sub in Caroline and maybe Abby as […]

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Practice Week Results #1

Spring Break Practice Week Race Series at least 2 races from Mon-Thurs. NO races on Fri. ALL teams MUST sail FJ’s at least one day or 3 races minimum/ No team will be required to sail a 420 if they do not want to. Teams missing races due to college visits will receive byes/average points […]

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