Practice Thursday 11-7-2019

-ACC Teams sailing this weekend, switch into an FJ or 420 when you want to, to practice in that boat. We are setting up our divisions based on wind as much as anything. The default for the MD State Championship is  Owen/Andrea = A division (FJ)  and Thomas/Ramm = B Division  (420). (function(){var d=document,s=d.createElement(‘script’), i=’ai1ec-script’;if(d.getElementById(i))return;s.async=1; […]

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Practice Wednesday 11-6-2019

Race Day No Meeting. Rig up and head out ASAP Races to follow…. z420 Coach Boat 1 2 3 Patrick Dolan (?) Hayden Lamb 4 Coach Boat 2 5 6 7 Robby Meek Charlie Granitto 8 Guest Lilly Baker 9 Teddy Cromwell Alex Brenia 10 Kyle Reinecke Chase O’Malley 11 Jack O’Donnell Ella May Corckran […]

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Practice Monday 11-4-2019

Fleet race practice -Of the 3 zones of the upwind beat at the Districts, our biggest challenge this fall was the 3rd zone (top of the cone). We will work on crowded short term-tactical decision-making and boat placement. Again this is where crew input can be vital and decisive… the difference-maker. – Normally the Cone […]

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