Practice Thursday 9-30-2021

Some boat-handling, tuning up for our JV team this weekend, and maybe a few team races. Weather depending….. everyone not on the list below has the day off. 420 Coach Boat(s) 1 Ella May 2 3 4 5 OUT 6 Thomas 7 Lilly Baker 8 Nate Chris Sixbey Ava 9 Chase Natalie King 10 Julia […]

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Practice Monday 9-27/2021

LAUNCH PONTOON BOATPractice 3: Downwind positioning/Gate Choice -> Final Beat. Today we will work on downwind positioning -> Gate Choice -> to a good rounding, then final beat. This drill will be continuous in SNO. This means you will be in different places in the fleet. Where you are in the fleet informs your tactics…. […]

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Practice Wednesday 9-22-2021

Today we will practice only with players listed below. People with names under “day off” on the list below, have the day off. The sailors listed under “coach boat” should report to practice. Heavy air technique upwind and downwind. If necessary we will shorten the roster on-site. Today we will practice only with players listed […]

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Practice Tuesday 9-21-2021

Crowded area boat handling and mark rounding Day 420 Coach Boat(s) 1 Emma F 2 3 4 Anna Howell 5 Finn Fries 6 Nate Paisley Pentecost 7 Chris M. Kate Castleberry Gavin Petrinko 8 Sam Reese Corckran 9 Chase Ella May 10 OUT 11 MacKenzie Getz 12 Natalie King Chris Sixbey FJ Cherop Soi 1 […]

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Practice Monday 9-20-2021

PUT IN PONTOON BOAT AND COACH BOAT FIRST Warm up all together. We will do simple boat handling and sail trim drills with everyone. FJ teams stay together, and the 3 crews listed with FJ come with me. Focus again on starting from stop. Drills FTL -> 3 whistles drift/ accelerate practice starts inside the […]

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Practice Friday, 9-17-2021

Practice 2:  Upwind Modes Day:  Point/Speed/FootAlso, Fj’s might do a little team racing. 420 Coach Boat(s) 1 Emma F 2 Paisley Pentecost 3 Natalie King 4 Julia Gavin Petrinko MacKenzie Getz 5 Finn Fries 6 Cherop 7 8 Lilly Baker Helena English 9 Chase Jed OUT 10 Nate Chris Sixbey Anna Howell 11 Robby 12 […]

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Practice Thursday 9-16-2021

Practice 2:  Upwind Modes Day:  High/Speed/FootAlso, Fj’s will do a little team racing.if wind dies and/or bad weather, we have a lot of boat work to do. HAUL “Admirals” Whaler FOR SURE.Consider hauling SailToon.I want every boat drained before and after practice to check for water 420 Coach Boat(s) 1 Emma F 2 Paisley Pentecost […]

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