Sailing Team “Hall of Fame”

Below is a very incomplete list of Severn School alumni who sailed at Severn School, and then in college. Please send additions!

Class of 2007

  • Evan Aras, Georgetown
  • Russell Cramer, University of Maryland
  • Hanna Watt, College of Charleston

Class of 2008

  • Alex Bertrand, College of Charleston
  • Joseph Morris, Yale University
  • Brendan Heussler, Conn College

Class of 2009

  • Ian Duncan, University of Vermont

Class of 2010

  • Kelley Merryman, St. Mary’s College
  • Amanda Salvesen, Yale University

Class of 2011

  • Theresa Duncan, Middlebury College
  • Tim Harding, Brown University
  • Scott Houck, Dartmouth
  • Mike Saldi, Boston University
  • Kaylee Schwitzer, Bowdoin College
  • Lydia Whiteford, Brown
  • Kate Wysocki, Boston College

Class of 2013

  • Patrick Floyd, Dartmouth
  • Maeve White, Stanford

Class of 2014

  • Grace Lucas, Stanford
  • Evan Morgan, Fordham University

Class of 2015

  • Nick Floyd, Penn
  • Ian Morgan, Tufts University
  • Emma White, Dartmouth

Class of 2016

  • Stephen Duncan, MIT
  • Austin Smith, Connecticut College

Class of 2017

  • Connor Bayless, United States Naval Academy
  • Stephanie Houck, Stanford University
  • Aidan Morgan, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
  • Sophie Taczak, St. Mary’s College of Maryland