Practice Tuesday 5-22-2018

We will give it a shot today. Same combos as yesterday. Please bring your TR packets. If there’s no wind, we will work on those. JV can derig today tomorrow, or Thursday to finish the 420’s. Tomorrow’s forecast looks good so we will practice from 1-3:30 PM. You may want to find a place to […]

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Practice Friday 5-18-2018

Today we will begin practice at 3:45PM.¬†Please go to the marina, rig up and head right out. This is our last chance to practice in breeze; make the most of this as a boat handling day. Final team combinations will be made and next week we’ll work on team building and specific plays. I will […]

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Practice Thursday 5-17-2018

Today is 1,2,6 / 3,4,5 Day. We will work on downwind pass backs and chasing, and final beat cover schemes and chasing. These are the things to work on today. Please discuss with your teammates what you’d like to accomplish. We will look at moderate/heavy air combinations today if the breeze picks up; should be […]

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Practice Wednesday 5-16-2018

FJ sailing focus. Work on tacks, gybes, starts & stops. -passback drill at offsets, and then downwind passback drills -some practice starts FJ OUT FJ-1 Mariner Fagan Ryan¬† Wahba Abby Tindall FJ-2 Maddie Hawkins Caroline McNeil 3 Jordan Bruce Camille White 4 Sam Bruce Blair Reilly 5 Caroline Bayless Andrea R. Coach boat 6 Owen […]

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