About Severn School Sailing Team
Severn School Sailing team has a rich tradition and continues its mission of sailing excellence at its own private venue on the beautiful Magothy River. While Severn has found success in sailing for decades, the program ascended to new heights with their move to the Magothy River, and their own sailing venue. We have 18 sailboats (12 420’s and 6 Flying Juniors), 3 coach boats, and a perfect place to sail.
Our team mission is to engage and dedicate ourselves in the process of becoming the best sailing team we can be, while mutually enjoying and respecting each other, and earning the respect of other teams and coaches.

About Severn School
Whether you are a current Severn family, an alumna/us, a friend or a newcomer, we hope our site gives you a glimpse into our world and provides information that is beneficial, timely, and informative.
If you are a prospective family, we hope that as you go about looking for the school that best matches your child’s strengths and interests, you will visit Severn School.
The greatest gift a parent can provide a child, aside from their love and attention, is an education. It is the most durable inheritance one can pass on. The importance of choosing the right school, then, is vital and involves far more information than a website can provide.
Schools are living things and while technology allows us to pass on information about our programs and people, nothing takes the place of first-hand experience. We believe that interacting with students and faculty and feeling the excitement that characterizes each Severn day is central to understanding just what is so special about our School. The principles of our mission – character, conduct, scholarship, leadership, service and achievement – are certainly alive and readily evident in the life of our school.

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