Practice Monday 9-30

FJ’s practice Team Racing today 420’s practice boat handling and fleet racing Lasers do some boat handling together. we will re-adjust the plan based on who is/can sail lasers today.   z420 Coach Boat 1 2 3 4 Lilly Baker Anna Howell Ben Saunders 5 Nick Garcia Brooke Arnold Chris Sixbey 6 Kyle Reinecke Cole […]

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Practice Wednesday 9-25-2019

Practice PART I -warm up with everyone:  follow the leader, slowing down/stopping/accelerating. Stay bow-to stern, do NOT hit each other. -FTL race to weather mark. I may call out specific boats/colors to go first… -FTL downwind gate-choice practice. Work very hard to pick a side, and pass boats at the leeward gate rounding. Sail final […]

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Practice Tuesday 9-24

TR Practice -in your group of 3 colors (except for black, who lost a skipper), head right out and do pig-in-middles. -Then we do final beat Balance drill. I will explain before we head out. -work on speed passbacks, slow passbacks, and when you are the pig, make it really hard for them to pass […]

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Practice Monday 9-23-2019

Laser (boathandling) & 420 (team race) Practice We will warm up altogether today, and do a split-off upwind windsprint, and then a split off downwind as well. practice starts together then maybe go our separate ways, we’ll see what the wind brings LASERS looks like 4 or 5 lasers today We will do simple upwind […]

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Race Day Results Friday 9-20

6-12 knot southerly with a big oscillation from SE-S. Teams that found a lane early on the correct big-picture tack did well. The top 3 boats did this very well. It was vital to tune in to the wind, it’s very variable trends, and really “be racing” before the 3 minute gun… really important constantly […]

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Practice Friday 9-20-2019

The most interesting RACE DAY in the world We were going to be 2 lasers down today, so we will move Laser day to Monday. This will also give our weekend teams a final chance to prepare for our regattas. No meeting, head out immediately W4 unless otherwise instructed On-the-water judging is active X flag […]

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Practice Thursday 9-19-2019

Fleet Race tune up + a little TR FJ boats will work together with the 420’s on some basic/advanced boat handling today, sail trim/weight trim work, and then FJ’s will break off with me and maybe have a few TR’s. We are also giving our weekend freshman FJ team a chance to tune up in […]

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Practice Wednesday 9-18-2019

Team Race Practice Day PLEASE LOOK INTO why #5 does not have a boom vang and lets rig one up for today!!! Boathandling Starts Teamwork around course to mark 3. Work on RECOGNITION -Execution NOTES -too much team racing on first leg yesterday. This is a speed/spring/fleet race leg -way too much playing back when […]

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