Race Day Results 9/22/2020

W/NW wind today at 6-13 knots. Course was longer and starting line very long and generous. Teams that were shifting speed gears today did well along with their ability to re-focus and release any pre-conceived notions about the race course. Today’s wind was all about being open to any new place to go. Lots of […]

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Race Day Results, 3-10-2020

Race Day: SW wind 8-19 knots in puffs, with 30 degree oscillations. Course was set just about in the middle of this, so it was a gambler’s choice each race. Again some top-notch sailing, and Boat 3 wins race day for the second time in a row with unflappable, always-in-it, conservative but very consistent sailing. […]

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Race Day Results 3/2/2020

Race Day Monday Conditions: Brisk, blustery and furtive Southerly today, with wind speeds from 6 to 18 knots, and few gusts near the end of the day above 20 knots. This wind was not something to figure out. There were upper-right right hand shifts, in race 2& 3 a long-train runnin’ left hand shift off […]

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Race Day Results 10-2-2019

Notes: W/NW wind, went WNW right at start of first general recall. RC then made a big starting line and moved the weather marks left enough to make a decent upwind leg. Seemed today that the way the course geometry set up, the middle/left was favored on the first beat in all 4 races. Downwind […]

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Race Day Results Friday 9-20

6-12 knot southerly with a big oscillation from SE-S. Teams that found a lane early on the correct big-picture tack did well. The top 3 boats did this very well. It was vital to tune in to the wind, it’s very variable trends, and really “be racing” before the 3 minute gun… really important constantly […]

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Race Day Notes, 9-04

Today was a w/sw wind from 4-10 knots, oscillating 20 degrees, or sometimes more, around the center of our race course, and in a rare achievement we set the race course from the get-go pretty well right in the middle of this wind, so no marks were ever moved. This has almost never happened before; […]

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Race Day Results 4-11

Race Day results below. Great sailing by all today; perfect easterly, 6-13 knots, with some chop. Tomorrow we will have a crisp and maybe shorter boat handling practice, with some crew/skipper combo experiments and finalize our teams for the weekend. Before sailing tomorrow we will go over teams for the weekend.

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Practice Week Results #1

Spring Break Practice Week Race Series at least 2 races from Mon-Thurs. NO races on Fri. ALL teams MUST sail FJ’s at least one day or 3 races minimum/ No team will be required to sail a 420 if they do not want to. Teams missing races due to college visits will receive byes/average points […]

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