Race Day Results 2-28-2018

5-11 knot southerly, that went SW pretty quickly. Typical Magothy River conditions, with some noticeable sheer, along with decent sized holes, and the occasional puff.  Windshifts were not predictable but they were very important to act upon. The boats that were set up well at the start (with clear air and the ability to tack, […]

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Race Day Results 10/17/2017

Notes: –wind seemed to go/be better on right overall –mostly good starts. a few of them many boats were late –lots of room on line; if you have room to accelerate, use it especially if the line is square –too many boats sailing too long on one tack; there were shifts that teams sailed through […]

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Race Day Results 5/8/2017

Charles River-like conditions today with wind from the northwest, 4-16 knots, with very large shift and holes. Starting again was critical; getting a jump on the line and holding your lane almost always meant a top 3 or 4 finish, and sailing in bad air on the correct tack was necessary if you had to, […]

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Race Day Results 5-2-2017

NOTES -More skipper to leeward in big wind downwind. Must be able to transition to this -not a ton of consistent sailing -more mainsheet ease in very big puffs -too many angles downwind. The wind shifts downwind too… be willing to gybe, wing on /puff more, but do NOT over-stand the leeward gate or finish. […]

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Race Day Results 4-25-2017

E/ENE wind 6-14 knots, courses were W4 and trapezoid. Competitive sailing today, where conditions made it very difficult to be in the top 3 in all races. NOTES -8 of the 10 boats had a top 3 finish today, which shows how competitive our race days are -crew work was good, focused. -Ryan Wahba also […]

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