Practice Monday 5-23-2016

Warm up One on one down wind. Round a mark out there (simulated mark 2), and have one boat defend, and one try to pass mark 1 mark trap drill Drills FTL starts, recognize on first beat Downwind combos RED: 1 4,6   2 ,4, 6 Final Beat combos   RED: 1 4,6   2 ,4, […]

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Friday 5-20-2016 Practice

Practice Today – Game Day   -No meeting just get dressed and out on the water ASAP Red Team against Black Team 1, full team race, right from the start. Probably get 2-3 team races in. Black Team 2 against Key School, 2 team races. Red Team will de-brief and watch the Black Team 2 […]

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Practice 5-19/2016

WARM UP Stops/starts tack/gybe rudderless? TR practice real starts again first beat recognize/execute offset plays downwind:  RED 2,3,6    2,4,5 final beat combos  RED  2,3,6    2,4,5   TR DAY Connor Caroline Sam Marcus Stephanie Camille Caroline Shiv Stephen Aidan Abby Blair OUT Parker Austin Peter Blake Will Aidan B. Jackson Caleb Jack Sophie

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Practice Wednesday, 5-18-2016

WARM UP tacks/gybes, stops, starts 360’s, 720’s TR PRACTICE Today we will practice around the TR course. As long as the TR is close we will keep sailing. If it gets too lopsided, we will reset at the nearest leg: Real Starts; if the start is close we will sail the first beat. 2 whistles […]

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Practice Tuesday 5-17-2016

Hi Its flat calm and raining here. GWU came up to sit in cars and look out over the glassy Magothy River. Meet in Coach Duncan’s room after school: Team Race Talk Nutrition Discussion Work out together TR Talk Rules (Calls A, B, C & D) Team-specific Playbook Refining Charleston-Brown It’s over. Wait, no its […]

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Practice Monday 5-16-2016

Warm up practice 360 and 720 Work on boat handling, mark trap 1 drill, Drills Lee Bow practice. This is a 2 boat drill. Port tack boat ducks starboard tack boat, both going full speed upwind. Tack on whistle. New port tack boat tries a lee-bow. Re-start. Balance Drill: Same-time rounding of leeward marks. Balance […]

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