Monday 7 June

Hi,Please with all haste de-rig and store as many boats as you can.Also, bring a healthy crew over to my house to retrieve the 5 boats on our lawn…..Sails can/should go in the tiny house.Rudders/tillers can go in there too if they fit.All those boxes on the floor in the tiny house can be thrown […]

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Practice Thursday 5-27-2021

GEAR SHIFTING Today’s wind forecast has unfortunately descended a bit and it looks like it could be quite unstable. If so, we will do simple line-ups and work on some of the things below. If our Magic-Easterly comes in, we will set up a starting line and do a few more things. Practice 1: weight […]

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Practice Tuesday 5-25-2021

We will work today on STARTS Winning the start is always a fun thing, but it’s never something you can count on. You must, however, to be a successful sailor, work extremely hard (prepare) before every single start and develop The Plan. Don’t ever use the same Plan simply because it worked last time. The […]

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Practice Wednesday 5-19-2021

TR Practice Warm ups: 3 whistles = 360 turn Practice Starts…. will let them go if it’s close When at Mark 1, we will do a FTL combination of RED 3,4,5 and RED 2,4,6 If any wind, we will try our other skipper/crew combinations Jack/Audrey will rotate in with the Blue Team 420 Coach Boat(s) […]

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Practice, 5-13-2021

420 Coach Boat(s) 1 2 3 4 5 Jack Audrey 6 Nate Julia 7 Ava Helena 8 Rees (?) Reese 9 10 Will John 11 12 Chris M. Kate OUT FJ 1 Zander Scarlett 2 Thomas Raam Gavin 3 Robby Lilly 4 Owen Alex 5 Kyle Lila 6 Chase Regan

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Practice 5-11-2021

Practice 1: Work on better downwind boat control and timing with your partner on tacks and gybes. Practice 2: Make SURE you under-trim the jibs out of a tack, and then sheet in smoothly as the boat accelerates. If you can’t point, often your jib trim is too tight and/or your mainsail trim isn’t tight […]

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Practice Wednesday, 5-5-2021

LAUNCH COACH BOAT. Do NOT block accessway to ramp before getting the coach boat out first so we can launch it. Feel free to begin launching with 5-6 people as soon as possible. Wind might die on us, so we will launch the coach boat and get right out on the water.Normal warm-ups to start […]

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Practice Thursday 4-29-2021

Today will be our last day on the water this week. Tomorrow, I would like our varsity TR team to meet in my classroom after school to go over team racing.We will work on our Flying Junior handling for the teams competing this weekend, talk about that a bit and go out an execute some […]

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Practice Friday, 4-23-2021

I need confirmation at practice today or sooner from those selected to go to the JV Regatta that you can go. Also, if it is not too windy, the JV Team sailing this weekend can sail FJ’s to get ready for tomorrow…… Final boathandling warm-up with everyone: normal stuff starts from stop 360/720 downspeed double-tack […]

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