Practice 10-31-2022

Getting ready for the weekend   420 1 OUT 2 3 4 Will Friedell John Szynal 5 Nate Long Maura McPartlin 6 7 Julia Hlousek Natalie King 8 Lydia Saunders 9 Alex Baker Jack Lefever-Farino 10 11 Coach/Pontoon Boat 12 FJ Waszp(?) 1 Thomas Sitzmann Helena English 2 Robby Meek Lilly Baker 3 Kyle Reinecke […]

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Practice Thursday 10-27-2022

More boat handling. Hoping for more wind today.   420 1 OUT 2 Robby Meek 3 Helena English 4 Reese Corckran 5 6 Ava Cornell 7 Chris McCollum Annie Lapides 8 Julia Hlousek Natalie King 9 Jed Lory Lydia Saunders 10 11 Coach/Pontoon Boat 12 FJ Waszp(?) 1 Charlotte MacDonald Kate Castleberry Thomas Sitzmann 2 […]

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Practice Wednesday 10-26-22

    420 1 OUT 2 Robby Meek 3 Kyle Reinecke 4 Reese Corckran 5 Thomas Sitzmann 6 Lilly Baker 7 Helena English 8 Chris McCollum Natalie King 9 Julia Hlousek Jack Lefever-Farino 10 11 Coach/Pontoon Boat 12 Lydia Saunders FJ 1 Ava Cornell Scarlett Harris 2 Annie Sitzmann Kate Castleberry 3 Alex Baker Annie […]

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Practice Wednesday 10-19-2022

TR DAY   420’s will start first, then FJ We will do the same thing today. No meeting, just go out ASAP. 420’s, rotate crew on the Toon after every race so everyone sits once. Reese stay with Nate. 420 1 OUT 2 3 4 5 6 7 Charlotte MacDonald Jack Lefever-Farino 8 Chris McCollum […]

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Practice Tuesday 10-18-2022

Notes Need to know about Varsity regatta this weekend. I have 2 that can, need 2 more. Please quickly check ALL FJ’s and make sure they are ready to roll.. universals, rings, tape, etc. Please rig and go out; FJ’s go out first. Toon team please make ready the large anchor. We will need a […]

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Practice Friday 10-7-2022

Today we are focusing on FJ team racing with Nate/Alex/Jed on the pontoon boat, rotating in Black against Red. Everyone else has an open sail day… we will also have an extra coach boat available. HAUL TOON at END OF PRACTICE 420 1 OUT 2 Chris McCollum 3 4 5 6 7 8 Annie Lapides […]

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Practice Wednesday 10-5-2022

Notes Launch other Coach boat ASAP Practice FJ boathandling Team racing: work on BALANCE, communication, and Chasing downwind. Alex/Jed will rotate into FJ’s rotate Pontoon boat people in Drills Normal warm-up FJ’s 1-4 start out with final beat balance drill. FJ’s 5-6 match race to finish line. Then FJ’s 1-4 go downwind  chase drill, red […]

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Practice Tuesday 10-4-2022

Notes Get very Heavy Anchor on Pontoon Boat (if it’s not on there already) if windy, Julia/Charlotte will go on pontoon boat as well If it is very windy, we will only launch 6 boats and use the pontoon boat and the dock, and do a lot of substitutions. Practice TR, leg by leg. We […]

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Practice Thursday 9-29-2022

Notes check in on weekend JV team. Weather looks iffy but the event is still on for now. Still don’t have all player confirmations on attendance put boats away very well tonight haul whalers (S) Practice Beating your guy passbacks / control Team Race Basics: Balancing pairs Drills match race to mark 1. start your […]

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