Practice Monday, 4-6/2020

Monday we will meet at 3pm in our ZoomRoom Between now, and then, I ask that you complete Team Race Quiz #1. You complete this by: Watch the 11 minute video HERE Answer the 20 quiz questions, and send in. We will discuss in our ZoomMeeting on Monday.  QUIZ QUESTIONS   Here’s our new venue. […]

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Practice this Week, 4-1 to 4-3

Greetings from Maine; As you all are painfully aware, athletics all over the country are suspended until further notice. Our district holds out hope, if things improve vastly, to hold regattas, maybe even the MD State Championship, sometime in May. For now, that seems like a remote thought, at best. Our focus now is on […]

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Practice Friday 3-13-2020

Practice Friday: YouGotta Regatta Rules: 5 on 5. No sailboat-to-sailboat contact, period. Other than that, most other rules are somewhat open for interpretation. Course will be a Modified NASCAR/WhirlyBird. This intricate course will be described at the Skippers Meeting. You will be required no only to score lower (better) than your opponent, and as you […]

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Practice Thursday 3-12-2020

Drills: Hope for a E/SE wind? Black|Blue: 2 vs. 2 around TR around course. Red/Green Normal TR start to mark 1. Then, get in a  1,2,3,4,5,6. Chase to Mark 3. End drill around mark 3. Repeat 3 times. Like to try Red in a 1-4-6 as well if there’s time. Red, please discuss your thoughts on chase […]

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Practice Wednesday 3-11-2020

Team Race Wednesday (if wind) We may get our magic Magothy easterly today, and if so, we will team race. Either way, PLEASE haul the “Admirals” whaler. Drills: Black/Blue TR around course. Red/Green Normal TR start to mark 1. Then, get in a  1,2,3,4,5,6. Chase to Mark 3. End drill around mark 3. Repeat 3 times. […]

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Practice Tuesday 3-10-2020

RACE DAY We will have a Race Day, given the good wind forecast for today, and the poor forecast for tomorrow. In fact, make sure you have workout gear packed for tomorrow. If the wind is too light, we will have a chalk-talk meeting then workout. Key Focus Today: Get out on the water as […]

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Redneck Friday, 3-6-2020

Q: What is a Redneck Friday? A: When you take lunch break, and never return to work. “You might be a redneck if…” any of your front room pieces of furniture is inflatable. the family business requires a lookout. you put in a 40 hour week at Walmart, but don’t work there. you were ever […]

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