Practice Tuesday, 9-18-2018

Watching weather. Plan is to sail today, but keep checking. If weather rolls in we will meet in Teel 302 instead of sailing. Today is an all-team scored Race Day. We will attempt to get substitutes in. NO Meeting; just rig and get out on the water ASAP. Tomorrow: Team Race Day (we have an […]

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Practice Monday 9-17-2018

Will monitor weather and make a call by 2pm or so.  If no sailing, we’ll meet in Teel 302, then work out. As of now we’re sailing. PLEASE grab one of the coach boats on a trailer and bring down ramp to launch. Let’s make sure it’s working. Pairs are below, FJ team will try […]

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Practice Thursday 9-13-2018

Remember to meet at 1245 in the Koch Alumni Room (in gym, near football field). See yesterday’s practice plan. We may also do some TR drills: Pig in Middle to Finish (or weather mark) Pig in Middle to Finish (or Mark 1). This is an essential drill. Set a finish line with 2 marks. You […]

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Practice Wednesday 9-12-2018

LAUNCH SMALL WHALER (not the one we hauled yesterday) before practice begins! Today if there’s any wind we will work on: -holding lanes off the line -Roll Tacking.. work on timing with your partner and forceful, but smooth and efficient turns -roll gybing and wing on/off. Really work on gaining as much ground in these […]

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Game Day, 9-11-2018

All; This is our first-ever weekday Game-Day. Apologies for the late notice, but since we will be umpiring and running races non-stop, we will not have the opportunity to chaperone/switch new players. So, if you are not paired up with a skipper/crew below, you have the day off today. Final tryout practice is tomorrow, Wednesday. […]

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Practice Monday 9/10/2018

DO NOT PUT BOATS ON RAMP. I need to launch the coach boat Today we will have a segmented Race Day. : 1. Go out and race 2 races in the crew combos below. 2. Then switch in crews below among boats 7-12, and race 2 races. We will attempt to rotate on the water […]

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