Practice Friday 4-28-2017

Today: Learn to Start in an FJ. -work on FJ starts, and holding spots when going slow. In the TR starts I noticed a lot of sideways motion, people late to the line, and generally not great FJ starting. Focus today on setting up, holding your spot, understanding the FJ boat characteristics and their important differences […]

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Practice Thursday 4-27-2017

Today 1. If FJ’s red and black get out quickly, we will run a team race or two. Don’t wait to launch. Go ahead and get out there. 2. Downwind positioning to finish day. Sail-Number-Order (SNO). Think about how you will defend your position, and/or improve it, using positioning, legal and superior boat handling, and […]

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Practice Wednesday 4-26-2017

Today:  (stay tuned as we may cancel sailing and meet in Teel 302 if there is no wind) -working on light air starts -we will begin with FTL tacking drills, up and downwind. I want to see aggressive boat handling -tacks & gybes -acceleration -a few FJ team races and 2 on 2 LBL with […]

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Race Day Results 4-25-2017

E/ENE wind 6-14 knots, courses were W4 and trapezoid. Competitive sailing today, where conditions made it very difficult to be in the top 3 in all races. NOTES -8 of the 10 boats had a top 3 finish today, which shows how competitive our race days are -crew work was good, focused. -Ryan Wahba also […]

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Tuesday 4-25 Practice

WORKOUT CHANGE We do expect our sailors to be in top physical shape. That’s your responsibility now. No more workouts before daily practice. If you want to workout, do so on your own time. Feel free to discuss as a team if you want to set something up yourselves outside of practice on the water. […]

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