Practice Thursday 10-26-2017

Varsity: -Normal practice in 420’s 1-6. Rig these six boats up collectively. -meeting before sailing. JV -use FJ’s for practice today. Avoid contact/collisions at all costs. Rig immediately and go out ASAP. No meeting. FJ Madeline Toomey Hayden Lamb Parker Schless Teddy Cromwell Chase Hilliard Benji Damon Patrick Dolan Jack O’Donnell Brooke Arnold Zander King […]

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Practice Tuesday 10/24/2017

Over the next several days we will try combinations based on starting skill/preference and team chemistry. Today’s line up may well not be tomorrows, and also takes into account those missing. Start out with one-on-one cover/kill drill. One boat rounds mark 4, trying to get to finish. Other boat waits to weather of the mark […]

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