Practice Thursday 3/31/2022

Heavy Air Day Depending on conditions, we will go out with just a few boats and try/train heavy air crews. See below. If your name is not on the list, the likelihood of you sailing is slim/none. If you want to take an academic day today, that’s fine. If anyone not on the list wants […]

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Practice Wednesday 3-30-2022

ADMIN/NOTES Weekend regatta plans: Bus leaves Severn @ 0700 on Saturday morning. We were able to get 2 teams team picture next week PRACTICE Normal warm up. Today will be our last day this week all in the same boats. Once we are done warm-ups and the final beat drill, I will work only with […]

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Practice Friday 3-25-2022

NOTES/ADMIN finalize weekend plans/teams.  Anyone want to be a heavy air crew, please lmk at practice! TR yesterday de-brief upwind communication covering over-team racing downwind angles final beat…. PRACTICE crisp fj practice for weekend teams, then crew races, fun. foiling demo: Waszp, Laser 420 1 OUT 2 Sam 3 Chris M. 4 Robby 5 6 […]

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Practice Thursday 3-23-2022

ADMIN/Notes check all boats for water make sure as dry as possible. tough to do a ton today with 4 skippers missing. PRACTICE video day we may just do boat handling right near the gas dock and try to get video, and we will rotate everyone in…. so we may even just have extra crews […]

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Practice Wednesday 3-23-2022

NOTES/Admin Please lift the 49er hull onto the flatbed trailer This Friday is International Grateful Dead Day (who knew), so it will be very important to arrive with a proper outfit for our team photo. For many of you, you may need to raid your parents old outfit stash, if it exists.  We will award the best […]

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Practice Tuesday 3-22-2022

Admin/Notes work on/repair trolleys today Possibly bring Pontoon boat over and haul out Remember our practice themes 1 = body mechanics/boat handling 2 = sail trim 3 = tactics/strategy/ etc. 4 = fun/developmental Today Practice 3: Starting line practice stops/starts: Work on down-speed sail trim. Do NOT break rule 42. Practice starts; maybe rolling 3 […]

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Practice Monday 3-21-2022

Monday ITEMS TO DO/ADMIN STUFF Tape up the trolley support posts with rags, etc., so the rails rest on them. Bring out the SailToon for a committee boat. If anyone wants to work out in our weight room this week in the AM, we can go anytime as a group, and Ill be there to […]

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Practice Friday, 3-11-2022

NOTES Until further notice we will haul boats in stages of 2. No more ramp cluster-bombs. I will normally call an audible out on the water near practices end, detailing whom goes in first. In the absence of that, you will strictly haul boats in sail number order. No exceptions. We will haul the leaking whaler […]

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Practice Thursday 3-10-2022

Notes:-if no wind, we work on/clean boats, coach boats, fix/update marks, etc.-check all boats for water-yesterday we had a good look at how much we need to work on transitioning from 420 to FJ Practice Today:-during normal warmups, will try to do video of teams tacking/gybing and send to you tonight-Modified Race Day: 2 starting […]

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