Team Run Data

great job today. Many of us were slower with some notable exceptions, all good!. Thomas Sitzmann 15.58 Thomas Sitzmann 17.30 Rees Tindall 16.03 Rees Tindall 17.55 Jordan Bruce 16.35 Robby Meek 18.30 Sam Bruce 16.55 Kyle Reinecke 19.44 Kyle Reinecke 18.37 Dede Tindall 19.45 Teddy Cromwell 18.43 Cole Petrinko 19.48 Robby Meek 18.44 Coach Sitz […]

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DC Sail Varsity Results

DC SAIL VARSITY FLEET 910 – Final Results Congratulations to A Div:  Mariner/Caroline B Div:  Sam/Ryan …for winning the DC Sail Varsity event. This was at their new venue, during a Nationals baseball game, just across the street. It’s a miniature Charles River, with humbling and inexplicable wind changes. Our team overall minimized risk, avoided […]

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Severn JV Regatta Results, 9-17-206

Congratulations to the Severn JV Sailing Team for winning the Severn School JV Regatta held at our home sailing center. Bailie McNitt Teddy Cromwell Christiaan Smith Julia Christie Sophia Bontempo Hayden Lamb Gabby Torain Also, thanks to our volunteer crew for great regatta management: Peter Jensen Sam Reilly Ryan Wahba Sam Bruce Jordan Bruce Andrea […]

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2016 Baker Team Race Report

Severn Sailing Family; Tough event for Severn School, and this was going to be a very tough report to write, until the last two games/races, which gave us a little shot in the arm. Our team came together a bit after a ton of disappointments, mistakes, unforced errors, bad luck, a poor redress decision against […]

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TR Districts Regatta De-Brief

Things to work on for TR Nationals: Starts (read THIS) skewed lines nutrition/physical endurance (read THIS, and then scroll through THESE) Fleet race within the team race & lane management Downwind lane management and cover schemes when winning Sail trim Communication crew take leadership role. Read THIS amount type intrinsic Clearing out current Rules BOAT […]

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Weekend Results and Upcoming Week

Hi; THIS WEEKEND Successful weekend for our sailing team! Yesterday at the SCC JV Regatta,  the team of Jack/Sophie Peter/Blake …won the regatta! (See attached results). Today at the competitive DC Sail Varsity Regatta, we had an all-freshman team, and although the results are still not in, our team did a great job overall, highlighted […]

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