Practice Friday 3-10-2023

NOTES Haul Coach boat that doesn’t work. Put boats away really well for the long week. We will DROP the Team race next weekend unless I get volunteers today Tufts is coming Friday-Sun next week PRACTICE Normal Warm-ups… lots of practice starts and maybe stop/starts TR Practice for FJ, I may switch a few 420 […]

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Practice 3-9-2023

Race Day No meeting head right out; on-water judging will be active. 420 1 Thomas Sitzmann Lilly Baker OUT 2 Robby Meek Helena English Will Friedell 3 Kyle Reinecke Reese Corckran Scarlett Harris 4 Nate Long Maura McPartlin 5 6 Chris McCollum Annie Lapides 7 Annie Sitzmann Jed Lory 8 Ava Cornell Kate Castleberry 9 […]

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Practice Wednesday 3-7-2023

Varied Drills in Breeze Rabbit Starts up and down wind heavy weather mark roundings practice starts a few fleet race upwind and DW races (DW you will race to a leeward gate) if it lightens up any we may do some team race practice with RED and BLUE 420 1 Thomas Sitzmann Lilly Baker OUT […]

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Practice Monday 3-6-2023

Notes wind forecast is grim but the Magothy easterly is up right now, so rig and go out right away; no meeting before sailing Practice: CHASING in Team Racing normal warm-ups, depending on conditions. talk with your team about what chasing is. What is the #1 first thing you want to do when chasing? Focus […]

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Practice Texasday 3-1-2023

NOTES Take a look at your compression batten and see how it looks and maybe change tension if you are having trouble with inverting everyone work together to get dollies inside the fence PRACTICE Team Race 101 Warm up with stop start upwind….. and start-stop downwind Red, Blue, Black all do 3 pig-in-middles (PIM) TR […]

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