Practice Friday, 3-11-2022

NOTES Until further notice we will haul boats in stages of 2. No more ramp cluster-bombs. I will normally call an audible out on the water near practices end, detailing whom goes in first. In the absence of that, you will strictly haul boats in sail number order.┬áNo exceptions. We will haul the leaking whaler […]

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Practice Tuesday 3-8-2022

Team Race Practice Practice: -warm up normally -Team Race Theme: We are looking for team, especially crew, communication/leadership and active involvement in defining our team race strategies. Today will be 2 on 2 in drills. -Will set up either a box course or a narrow lazy digital N –2 on 2 Balance Drill to a […]

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Practice Thursday 3-3-2022

NOTE: There is a Varsity regatta @ DC Sail on Saturday 12 March. This is the first Saturday of Spring Break. I am traveling that weekend, but if anyone wants to do this regatta please let me know ASAP. You’d have to find your own transportation and we’d need, of course, a minimum of 4 […]

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Practice Wednesday, 3-2-2022

ADMIN STUFF -if no wind, we will raise pins up 1 full step. If there’s time, we will then rig jibs, then measure rakes to make sure all boats are close to the same rake as similar pin positions. -I am hoping the other coach boat trailer tire will be fixed. If so, I’d like […]

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Practice Tuesday 3-1-2022

Rabbit Rabbit STUFF TO DO BEFORE/AFTER PRACTICE -Need to rig and be able to launch Boat 12. Not sure what the status is there, but let’s get that boat ready ASAP -We will keep the shroud pins where they are for today and give them another look as it is supposed to be just a […]

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Practice Monday 2-28-2022

Any players needing to complete the run will do so today. Work Agenda: -Launch Coach Boat, test run/ get gas, make tie down lines, find slip for it. Store trailer in back lot -Carry over boat 12 an put on trolley, rig it up. -Rig all 6 FJ -rig up sails on the 420’s (so […]

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