Practice Thursday 3-1-2018

Today, we will work on boats. Here’s a list of to-do’s, among other things: clean up the marina, especially our area, and ask the marina staff where we can help clean up more. move all rudder heads up to higher pin hole re-rig halyards and blocks remove all sails for the weekend and put in […]

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Welcome to 2016-2017

Welcome Severn School Sailing Team, to 2016-2017! Coach Duncan and I are eager to begin the 2016-2017 Sailing Team season. MEETING WEDNESDAY We will meet after the first day of school in Roche Lecture Hall at 1445-1545. We will NOT sail, and we will NOT work-out officially as a team. This will be our first […]

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Important Information for Baker Team Race Team!

LIABILITY FORM Each sailor has to fill out the following form individually: Please print out, fill out, and deliver to Sitzmann. TR DISTRICTS DEBRIEF Please read and review the following: WHERE IS ANACORTES? DYK: The name “Anacortes” is a consolidation of the name Anna Curtis, who was the wife of early Fidalgo Island […]

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