Practice Wednesday 09/16/2020

-Makeup run for those that have not done it yet. -no pre-sail meeting………….You can rig and head right out. Team Race Practice with 6 boats for Red and Blue. Pig in middle drill. do these if you get out early,  on your own. Pig in middle… 2 reds against a blue, and 2 blues against […]

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Practice Monday 3-9-2020

Monday Practice: 2 Goals: Crew boat handling focus on roll tacks, acceleration especially at the start, & sail trim, upwind and downwind (in FJ and in 420). Fleet race tactics in action. Drills: Practice Starts with video on a few boats. Discuss what you need to do together to accelerate and hold lane. Very often […]

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Practice Thursday 11-7-2019

-ACC Teams sailing this weekend, switch into an FJ or 420 when you want to, to practice in that boat. We are setting up our divisions based on wind as much as anything. The default for the MD State Championship is  Owen/Andrea = A division (FJ)  and Thomas/Ramm = B Division  (420). (function(){var d=document,s=d.createElement(‘script’), i=’ai1ec-script’;if(d.getElementById(i))return;s.async=1; […]

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Friday Practice 3-29

FJ DAY for top 6 boats Lots of boat handling with all 9 boats, and a few crew switches. TR Drills: 420’s do pig in middle with both crews First beat communication and balance DW in SNO: Red in 2,3,6 and 1,4,6 Final beat Red in 2,3,6, and 1,4,6 Maybe a few 3 on 3. […]

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Race Day Results 10-12-2018

Today (Friday) we had a N breeze around 6-16 knots, with significant left trend pressure, which would inexplicably go back right. Race course was perfectly set for a very unstable wind, although we kept moving to accommodate a backing trend all afternoon. Great gear-shifting conditions, with full white-cap hiking followed by in-the-boat lulls. Observations: – […]

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Practice Wednesday 10-03-2018

Today we will have a TEAM RACE CHALLENGE. Red vs. Black vs. Blue vs. Green. Who will win? This will be an Epic Battle   420   1 Mariner Fagan  Ryan  Wahba OUT 2  Ella May Corckran Raam Fox Sam Bruce 3 Marcus Adam Rees Tindall Jordan Bruce 4 Benj Damon Chase O’Malley Maddie Hawkins […]

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Practice Thursday 3-1-2018

Today, we will work on boats. Here’s a list of to-do’s, among other things: clean up the marina, especially our area, and ask the marina staff where we can help clean up more. move all rudder heads up to higher pin hole re-rig halyards and blocks remove all sails for the weekend and put in […]

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