Race Day Results 10-12-2018

Today (Friday) we had a N breeze around 6-16 knots, with significant left trend pressure, which would inexplicably go back right. Race course was perfectly set for a very unstable wind, although we kept moving to accommodate a backing trend all afternoon. Great gear-shifting conditions, with full white-cap hiking followed by in-the-boat lulls. Observations: – […]

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Practice Wednesday 10-03-2018

Today we will have a TEAM RACE CHALLENGE. Red vs. Black vs. Blue vs. Green. Who will win? This will be an Epic Battle   420   1 Mariner Fagan  Ryan  Wahba OUT 2  Ella May Corckran Raam Fox Sam Bruce 3 Marcus Adam Rees Tindall Jordan Bruce 4 Benj Damon Chase O’Malley Maddie Hawkins […]

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Practice Thursday 3-1-2018

Today, we will work on boats. Here’s a list of to-do’s, among other things: clean up the marina, especially our area, and ask the marina staff where we can help clean up more. move all rudder heads up to higher pin hole re-rig halyards and blocks remove all sails for the weekend and put in […]

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