Practice Wednesday 10/24/2018

LAUNCH COACH BOAT BEFORE PRACTICE c420 Team Race Day. -practice starts. Work on timing/stop-starting, team work. Please focus on aggressive but FAIR play and seek to settle your own situations out yourselves before the start. As an umpire I will be very unhappy if I have to make calls before the start -communication on first […]

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Boat BKD Today

I won’t be able to be there till 1545. Please derig all boats. Make sure the 420 masts and booms are stacked neatly and separate from the FJ. Do NOT put 420 sails in the shed till the very last moment; also, 420 rudders/tillers must be easily accessible. FJ’s are brought out to the lot […]

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St Mary’s Practice 11/1/2017

Notes Boats turn easier Much more responsive sheeting angles different get used to the headboard problem/inverted batten sail downwind with less heel, and maybe less board in water than normal if you’re going DW in flat water ease vang in light air, but not too much upwind. Sail has a narrow groove; fast is attainable […]

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Race Day Results 9-19-2017

Race Day Boat handling was average/below average for all Need to roll tack far later, almost all the time. You have to work on timing. Start the turn slow, but then speed it up as the boat slows, and then roll hard and late. Skippers MUST roll more. Crews can’t do it by themselves. The […]

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