General/Parent Information

IMG_2412Severn School Sailing is a two-season sport, competing inter-scholastically in both the fall and spring seasons. Normal practice time is right after school, till about 1745. Students may be picked up at the Magothy Marina, or back at Severn School. Severn almost always provides school bus transportation to and from practice. All sailors must fill out the Severn School Permission to Drive form..
High school sailing is a coed sport, where girls and boys compete equally, on the same footing, together.
Sailing is an athletic endeavor; students are expected to train, work out, and be in shape. For better or worse, one reality is that sailing is also a weight-sensitive sport. 2-person teams in a boat are usually competitive at a maximum combined weight of 300 lbs.


    Q: Must team members compete in both seasons to be on the team?IMG_4851[1]
A: No, students may try out/sign up for one season. Generally, most  all of our top sailors sail in both seasons, but it is not a requirement. Also, the spring season is considered our most important, championship season.

Q: Are there cuts in sailing?
A: No, Severn does not cut sailors, especially in the fall, but we do have roster limitations. The roster closes at 40  students.