Practice Friday 4-29-2022

ADMIN I know you’ve had this marked on your calendars for months, but again, today is International Dance Day, and the 40th anniversary of this august occasion, no less. We will officially begin our learn-the-electric-slide program today in honor of the holiday and commit to it. For todays dance, however, we will open it up […]

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Practice Wednesday 4-27-2022

ADMIN ALL CONDITIONAL here. If the wind gets crazy, we will abort mission and have a RED TEAM meeting in my room after school (this weekend’s Red team is listed below). I will send that out by 1400. Launch TOON PRACTICE We will have 2 TR teams, and maybe a third, and do some TR […]

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Practice Tuesday 4-26-2022

ADMIN Launch Toon Need a crew to sail with  Nate on Sunday PRACTICE DW 3 whistles = Slow/Stop Boat. next 3 whistles = speed up and immediately gybe to wing off 360/720 practice Offset drills: 2 on 1 and 2-on-2 (in the 2-on-2, line up in a 1,4) Black/Red a few practice starts Green/Blue 2 […]

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Practice Monday 4-25-2022

ADMIN Launch Whaler! Launch the Toon! PRACTICE:   BALANCE & Controlling an opponent 2 on 2 balance drill to finish line Downwind 2 on 2 balance: Goal is to round mark 3 in a 1-2 Robby/Kyle vs. Raam/Ava, and  Sam/Will vs. Chris/Nate 420 1 OUT 2 Helena 3 Mackenzie 4 Raam Scarlett Emma 5 Ava Jed […]

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Practice Friday 4-22-2022

If you believe Sailflow, the wind forecast for today has improved. We will have an open practice with you able to sail with a new partner, single-hand a 420, etc. You may also bring a Severn student if you like. You are welcomed to use my Laser radial, and I am happy to rig up […]

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Practice Thursday 4-21-2022

ADMIN Haul Admirals whaler at end of practice Practice tomorrow is optional. PRACTICE 2: Specific moves, and Improvising good boat-handling. Assuming it is not too windy, we will do some practice on practice starts with forced port-approachers and forced chasers (will explain) double tack 360/720 double gybe around leeward gate Turn-Around drill Maybe a team […]

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Practice Wednesday 4-20-2022

ADMIN check boat 2, I believe its cover blew off the best wind today might be early on, so please rig and go out immediately; no meeting Wind today may be much like the wind this weekend, so make good use of it For those competing this weekend: For those that are attending the event […]

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Practice Thursday, 4-14-2022

ADMIN Practice tomorrow (Friday) will be a Captains-led Workout On Campus. You will be done on campus by 1700 at the latest. We are going to haul my RIB either before or after practice today. Help would be great. White Laser must go on Severn Racks out in the back lot today. Haul “Admirals” whaler […]

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Practice Wednesday 4-13-2022

ADMIN – Bring a (Severn school student) friend who may want to try sailing – we need to bring trailers back to Severn. Any volunteers would be appreciated. – Launch the Toon – Some race day photos NOTES – Yesterday was weird wind, for sure. Having 2 starting lines is awkward and certainly not something […]

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