Redneck Friday, 3-6-2020

Q: What is a Redneck Friday? A: When you take lunch break, and never return to work. “You might be a redneck if…” any of your front room pieces of furniture is inflatable. the family business requires a lookout. you put in a 40 hour week at Walmart, but don’t work there. you were ever […]

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Practice Wednesday 8/28/2019

Team Introduction Team Questionnaire: Team Email List (google groups):!forum/severn-school-sailing-team Parent Email List (google groups):!forum/severn-school-sailing-parents Permission to Drive  FORM Fall MDISA Schedule Team Race Playbook Password & Username: username= playbook PW =           Pl@y23ook! Website password for team pages: goSSDT

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Sail Sand Point Venue

Sail Sand Point is an old seaplane hangar on the northern part of Lake Washington. The lake is locked, so there should be no discernible current. The water temperature is in the high 50’s. This is generally a light, maybe medium-air venue with afternoon thermals (from the city) which would be a northerly. Southerlies are […]

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Practice 3-14-2019

TR Basic Boat-handling/Crew Train Day Today we will work with new crews/skippers for the first part of practice. Drills will include basic tacking/gybing, and I want EVERYONE working on rolling the boat in tacks and gybes together. Addi/Andrea and Ryan will take out the second coach boat and help coach new crews. Please share information […]

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