Race Day Results 2-28-2018

5-11 knot southerly, that went SW pretty quickly. Typical Magothy River conditions, with some noticeable sheer, along with decent sized holes, and the occasional puff.  Windshifts were not predictable but they were very important to act upon. The boats that were set up well at the start (with clear air and the ability to tack, […]

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St Mary’s Practice 11/1/2017

Notes Boats turn easier Much more responsive sheeting angles different get used to the headboard problem/inverted batten sail downwind with less heel, and maybe less board in water than normal if you’re going DW in flat water ease vang in light air, but not too much upwind. Sail has a narrow groove; fast is attainable […]

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Fall 2017 Run Times

Bruce Jordan 17:56 Fagan Mariner 18:18 Damon Benjamin 18:40 Bruce Sam 18:58 Smith Christiaan 21:16 Adam Marcus 21:22 Lamb Hayden 21:30 Wahba Ryan 21:47 Hawkins Maddie 22:02 Hennessey Owen 22:04 O’Donnell Patrick (Jack) 22:09 Tindall Abbie 22:14 Bayless Caroline 22:47 McNeil Caroline 24:24 Reilly Blair 26:26 Meyer Maddie 27:13 Cromwell Edward 28:53 Harris Addi 29:23 […]

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