Practice 9-29-2016

Crews workout today PLAN Heavy air boat handling (finally) Heavy air crews swap in (maybe) and if so, we’ll send a few boats in We will see FJ Connor Carloine M FJ Stephanie Blair FJ Caroline B Abby T FJ Jordan Sophie FJ Sam Bruce Camille FJ Maddie Andrea 12 Mariner Blake 11 Sam Reilly […]

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Race Day Results, 9-28-2016

Race Day Results Very competitive. Lots of holes in the race course. Left side seemed very hard to beat. some poor gate choices. downwind angles and sailing still not great. starts today were weird, bordering on poor. Stick to your plan, sail in lanes, gybe/wing on-off more downwind, and then never sail in bad air […]

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Practice Plan 9-26-2016

SKIPPERS work out today This week’s focus is FJ FLEET RACING. We need to get better at FJ FLEET RACING. Just to reiterate, this week’s plan will address FJ FLEET RACING. warm up. Practice starts. Lots of them rabbit start race or two. work on FJ roll tacking, backwards tacking, making sure you tune the […]

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Race Day Results 9-21-2016

Notes Steph/Aidan clearly the best overall today. Why? They stayed patient, got ok/good starts, and sailed toward the mark downwind. They were flushed on the first beat of the first race, like 9th, and came back over the next legs picking off one boat after another. I think we all learned a lot about downwind […]

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Race Day 9-21-2016

No workouts, just rig and go 1 Connor Julia 2 Stephanie Aidan M 3 Caroline B Addi 4 Jordan Blair 5 Sam Bruce Camille 6 Mariner Andrea 7 Maddie Sophie 8 Sam Reilly Marcus 9 Jack Aidan B 10 Peter J Ryan W 11 Will M Benjamin 12 Christiaan Chandler FJ Baillie Sophia B FJ […]

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Practice Plan 9-20-2016

Today we will warm up with usual practice starts / upwind tacking, etc. FJ teams should work hard to transition into FJ boat handling. Forget who’s working out today, but that should happen too. Then we will break up into 2 groups. FJ & 420. FJ group will work with me on first beat communication […]

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