Practice Thursday

Today we will work on 2 things today: Final Beat tactics Downwind positioning for a gate Drills: Descending Sail Number order  (12-1) Final Beat Drill to a finish line. Follow the leader in SNO, when whistle blows you round the leeward gate (either one) and race to the finish. If you are in top 4, […]

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Practice Wednesday 9-27

Boat handling today, with some downwind positioning drills, and a few practice starts. I will be late today. PLEASE RIG AND GO OUT IMMEDIATELY. Do not hang out waiting for me. -We all need to roll later, harder, and have more consistent tacks in varying conditions. Will focus today on crew technique. -downwind gybes need […]

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Practice Tuesday 9-26-2017

FLEET RACE PRACTICE We will add on today to our race day results, and the top two teams at the end of our practice will start this Saturday. We will also bring an alternate/second skipper and crew, and likely heavy crew. Varsity will be in FJ’s all week in order to practice boat handling for […]

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Practice Thursday 9-21-2017

TEAM RACE THURSDAY Our team race team is our whole team. As we head toward the TR Qualifier in October, we will create our fastest possible team that works well together. Starting today and next week, we will try combinations toward that goal. We will also likely sail 2 teams at the qualifier, Red and […]

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Practice Wednesday 9-20-2017

Warm up with Tacking practice. Work very hard to roll late, and hard. Skippers must roll harder. We will then do a few more Race Day races for our series. 1 Maddie Hawkins  Blair Reilly Heavy crew sub in 2  Caroline Bayless Abbie Tindall 3 Mariner Fagan Caroline McNeil 4 Sam Bruce Ryan Wahba 5 […]

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Race Day Results 9-19-2017

Race Day Boat handling was average/below average for all Need to roll tack far later, almost all the time. You have to work on timing. Start the turn slow, but then speed it up as the boat slows, and then roll hard and late. Skippers MUST roll more. Crews can’t do it by themselves. The […]

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PRACTICE Tuesday 9-19-2017

LAUNCH COACH BOATS BEFORE RIGGING SAILBOATS Today (and likely tomorrow) will be RACE DAY. We will do a brief warm up for boat that get out early. If it’s actually windy we may also try heavy crew combinations. Since we have not had much sailing in the last week, we will use today and tomorrow […]

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