Practice Thursday 2-28-2019

Sail Trim/Weight Trim, Boat balance,¬† Boat Prep Week Today we will work on slow/down-speed boat handling. This is where critical gains (and losses) are made. Overall we are still focusing on upwind sailing. Skipper/crew teamwork, balance and communication, using weight/sail trim is the key focus for today. After normal RS/Windsprint warm up. We will feature […]

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Pratice Wednesday 2-27-2019

-Today we will work on the same things as yesterday (sail trim/weight trim = balance, and changing gears), and then we will do a final beat drill, starting with 11,10,9,8, etc. 420 coach boat 1 Mariner Fagan Ryan¬† Wahba Regan King 2 Maddie Hawkins Rees Tindall Audrey Klepper 3 Sam Bruce Addi Harris Chase O’Malley […]

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Practice 2-26-2019

Practice today -work on boats, make sure they’re set. –R/S Windsprint…. tack on whistle. 3 whistles = race to weather mark, then downwind to round leeward mark (leeward mark is the rabbit start mark). Work on tacks/gybes, weigh/sail trim, boat balance. -will switch crews in and out. -maybe a few practice starts, maybe a race […]

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Practice Friday 2-22-2019

Today 1. RUN for those who still need to complete it. 2. Coach Boat(s) launched. Work on cleaning things up, marks in the coach boats, etc. I’d like to spend some time making docking lines today for the coach boats so we have a simple, reliable docking system. 3. Move sailboats inside fence if we […]

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Practice Tuesday 2-19-2019

Today Please ALL meet at the bus station after school to load up the masts onto the trailer. I will take the trailer down with my truck. Bus 3 will ride today with Coach Beckman, after mast loading. PLEASE grab the giant silver tarp behind the coach boat on the ground and put it in […]

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