Practice Thursday 9-29-2022

Notes check in on weekend JV team. Weather looks iffy but the event is still on for now. Still don’t have all player confirmations on attendance put boats away very well tonight haul whalers (S) Practice Beating your guy passbacks / control Team Race Basics: Balancing pairs Drills match race to mark 1. start your […]

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Practice Wednesday 9-28-2022

Notes We have a JV Regatta on Sunday. Need to get a team there. Keelboat teams needs to reform to meet eligibility requirements Friday may be a good day for keelboat team to meet in Annapolis and practice in a J22… Keelboat competitors need to sign waiver (parents) We are NOT taking the official team […]

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Practice Tuesday 9-27-2022

Hi Practice today will allow you all to head out and practice things you want to work on. Mr. Lory is going to be there as our coach/chaperone on the water, as I am headed to Annapolis today. Lilly (as our captain and senior) will be “in-charge” of any decisions made on crew changes, etc, […]

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Practice Friday, 9-23-2022

Notes Today and tomorrow are: 23, FRI  International Day of Sign Languages   24 SAT  National Family Health & Fitness Day USA 24 SAT National Ghost Hunting Day Goal tuning boats for more wind heavier air boathandling Practice normal warm ups a few upwinds and downwinds may end early today 420 1 Thomas Sitzmann Scarlett Harris […]

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Practice Thursday 9-22-2022

Notes Finalize weekend teams Practice normal tacks/gybes warmup TBD   420 1 OUT 2 Annie Lapides 3 Scarlett Harris Lilly Baker 4 Ava Cornell Helena English Robby Meek 5 Will Friedell John Szynal 6 Nate Long Kate Castleberry 7 Annie Sitzmann Reese Corckran 8 Alex Baker Maura McPartlin 9 Chris McCollum Natalie King 10 Julia […]

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Practice Tuesday 9-20-2022

Notes   Goal Timing on gybes/tacks/starts Practice tack on whistle/stops/starts 2 practice starts, then a real start to a weather mark Downwind rabbit start, gybes/wing on-off/ race to leeward gate maybe a few team races   420 1 OUT 2 3 4 5 6 7 Nate Long Reese Corckran 8 Will Friedell John Szynal 9 […]

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Practice Monday 9-19-2022

Notes Launch Pontoon Boat today. We need to unload that trailer so I can replace/repair the bearing/hub assembly   Goal WORK ON TIMING Practice lots of tacks and gybes FJ Tacking (and Gybing). The FJ is a bit more finesse-oriented than a 420. Remember the boat is much rounder/narrower and floppy than a 420. This […]

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Practice Friday, 9-16-2022

Notes Goal Finding clear air and open fast lanes downwind Practice Downwind to a leeward gate and/or finish line upwind practice roll tacks/weight trim if light, we may do rudderless for some Friday Photo will celebrate both: National First Love Day National Cheeseburger Day For some this might be an incredibly emotional, touching, culminating moment […]

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