Practice Friday 3-5-2021

Friday Practice make sure your dolly wheels have air sail bags were left outside last night Tiny House door left open with key in the door knob FOCUS 0-Day: focus on rigging boat correctly 1-Day: windy/shifty body mechanics hiking technique crisp downwind boat handling DRILLS RS Windsprints more focus on stops/starts hiking technique around weather […]

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Practice Thursday 3-4-2021

Thursday:   0-Day and a 1-Day 0-Day: Focus on simply rigging your boat properly dry!! proper halyard tensions proper/desired mainsheet ratio jib sheets run properly have a bowline (painter) clean hull no dirt or tape on hull to cause friction outhaul set properly cunningham rigged properly vang working in good order correct sails with boat rudder/tiller/extension […]

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Practice Wednesday 3-3-2021

WEDNESDAY:  1-Day / Tryouts Sailors in the right-most column will switch into the boat listed to the left. Halfway through practice 420’s 1-5 will switch into FJ. Objective:  Working on Roll Tacking / Tryout Evaluation.    Skippers: rolling more to help overall roll. Do NOT pre-roll! Hand switch DURING tack (see photo) Proper rudder angle […]

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Practice Tuesday 3/2/2021

Tuesday: Bus Ride as normal for those that want one (remember there is a 7 person limit and it looks like we are all set there) NO SAILING Tuesday. Bring workout/running gear to practice. Bring your jump rope. Practice should end around 1700 We will itemize and inventory all 18 boats. check rake check all […]

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Practice Monday 3-1-2021

Hi I may be a little late today, lots of meetings and so forth. Anyway, please begin carefully rigging up all the boats. We will rig everything and assume all the 420’s are working now. This means booms/ rudders/tillers etc check and makes sure all is functional. Check sails, everything. Don’t bring boats inside the […]

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Winter Practice 2-8-2021

Meet at Flagpole @ 1500 Team Together Run. Today you will run as a team. See run route below. You must run together. Start together, and everyone MUST finish together. Do not break this rule, or everyone will do it again. We will introduce speed/quickness/agility drills. Ultimate Frisbee Competition. Bring your “A” game. Agility Drills […]

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