Friday Practice 4-9-2021

Practice 1 Focus Today: Timing (rolling/switching/balancing) of body mechanics. This involves synchronicity with your partner.Practice 2 Focus: adjusting sail trim for shifting gears. Think about how/when to adjust sail trim on all points of sail to accommodate for wind and boat speed changes.Electric Slide: Do a full run of the E.S. all the way around […]

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Practice Thursday 4-8-2021

We will practice together today for the first half, and then possibly split up to allow FJ’s to practice team racing. Normal warm up, today 3-whistles is a down-speed double-tack.We will work on: practice starts mark roundings DW positioning Final Beat tactics For Team Racers, we will work on black chasing a 1-2 downwind, and […]

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RaceDay Wednesday 4-7-2021

Today we will have a scored RaceDay. NO MEETING. Go out as soon as you are ready. RULES On-the-water Judging is active ALL STARTS will be I-Flag (one-minute rule) RC will be 2,3, or 4 legs with offset and gate NO contact between boats without a protest 420 Coach boat 7 Chris M. Helena English […]

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Practice Tuesday 4-6-2021

We are going to give it a shot. We may have the Magothy-easterly (see photo of wind prediction at 1500). Start with a Final-Beat Drill. Work on holding position, gaining a boat or 2, and if in the back of the fleet look to gain 2-3 boats. We will FTL in SNO, and round a […]

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Practice Monday 4-5-2021

EVERYONE check your boat today (including FJ) before you go out: water in tanks. Report to me if you find water shroud chainplates and rings. MAKE SURE Yours are taped. tiller extension universal excess wear on any running rigging Practice 3 (tactics/strategy) today: Starting Strategy, Downwind leg tactics, gate rounding decision-making, tactics, and boat-handling. We […]

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Practice Fridaddy, 4-2-2021

NO BUS RIDE TODAY. Please find your own ride to sailing.Due to high winds and cold temps, we will only sail 6 boats today as per below. Everyone else meet at the flagpole at 1530 for a team workout led by Coach Beckman, should be done by 1630 TR Boat handling practice and preparation for […]

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Wednesday Race Day 3/31/2021

Scored Race Day No Meeting. When you are ready you can head out and warm up. -Most likely course 4 with an offset and leeward gate. I may do a 3 leg course, or even 2. -After a general recall we are automatically activate the 1-minute rule (this is a standard college/hs rule) -On-the-water judges […]

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Practice Tuesday, 3-30-2021

Team Race Practice today. Likely we will do mostly 2 on 2 drills: 1,2 chase 3,4 downwind balance drill upwind 3 boat Offset drills: play on the offset in a 1,3 and passback the 2 on the offset (both first and second offset). Practice 1: Down speed acceleration and lane holding at the start. Practice […]

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Practice Monday 3/29/2021

Practice 1 today. FJ teams work hard on acceleration and starting; we will do those, double-tacks downspeed, etc. 420 Teams work on same. We will start out together then break up, with 420 team going with Coach Ron and FJ team with me to do some TR practice. 420 Coach boat 1 Regan King 2 […]

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