Practice Wednesday 4-18-2018

Maybe one windsprint to warm up together, then we will split up earlier on today: TR Drill Circuit around the course: FTL starts to mark 1; work on speed, positioning, teamwork First Offset Drill: Break up into groups of 3 and do 3 runs of our offset drill; work on stops/starts/slowing/speeding up and trapping downwind […]

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Practice Tuesday 4-17-2018

Today we will work on team-racing & boat handling. Drills to include: stops/starts, 2 on 1 pass-back to finish 1st offset 1 3 2 final beat balance drill 2 on 2 around leeward gate 2 on 2 game or two maybe ┬áz420 OUT 1 Mariner Fagan Caroline McNeil Addi Harris 2 Caroline Bayless Camille White […]

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Practice Thursday 4-12-2018

Today we will try different crew combinations out on the water, especially if it breezes up, which it hasn’t yet. Normal warm up, then a few Race Day style fleet races with anchored coach boat. We will also have 2 of our FJ’s switch into 420’s with the JV at some point during practice. OUT […]

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Trying a few different crew combinations today for differing conditions. Will likely switch back/forth as the day goes on and try heavy air combinations tomorrow. Rabbit start windsprints, stops/starts, & tacking. Work hard to hold lane. DW wing on/off Short course positioning/rule abiding/mark rounding/boat handling Break up and do a few team races with Varsity. […]

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Practice Tuesday 4-10-2018

Today -practice starts, staggered start drill and V-Whistle Stop drill. Work on winning a lane at the start, being able to tack when you want to; also work on decisively bailing out when you don’t. Discuss what a good bail out achieves. -continuous race course to work on positioning, rules, and mark roundings. Do not […]

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Practice Friday, 4-6-2018

NO BUS TODAY. JV and all bus riders please work to find a ride. Warm up practice, tacking, gybing, etc. Putting it all together: practice starts; committee boat WILL be anchored today first beat downwind lane drill with gate rounding final beats A few crew switches if we have breeze tomorrow or Sunday OUT 1 […]

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