Monday 7 June

Hi,Please with all haste de-rig and store as many boats as you can.Also, bring a healthy crew over to my house to retrieve the 5 boats on our lawn…..Sails can/should go in the tiny house.Rudders/tillers can go in there too if they fit.All those boxes on the floor in the tiny house can be thrown […]

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Final Day, 6-3-2021

EARLY START TODAY @ 1400. We should be done by 1630 Last day on the water…….. we will sail for a bit and simply to some final boat handling, and also crew/skipper combinations. Maybe a TR? We will then: sail 4-5 boats over to my house and haul them there. 420 Coach Boat(s) 1 Robby […]

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Practice Wednesday 6-2-2021

Overall today we will work on fine-tuning Practice 1 & 2. We will also try several different skipper-crew combinations for the sailors going to the Mallory. — Chase/Kate….. forget it, just rig a regular 420 main. Thomas / Raam / Scarlett / maybe Robby Robby ./Lilly / Rees / Owen or Zander Owen / Rees […]

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Practice 6-1-2021

We will focus on starts/acceleration and lane holding, crowded weather mark roundings, and then maintaining your position or improving on the second beat drill. Starting practice -> 1-2 Practice Starts… work hard to get a lane on each start…. hold it and be able to execute your plan. Then Ill let you go to a…. […]

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Practice Friday, 5-28-2021

Good wind today. Starting line work: Practice starts…. then a race. You won’t know which will be the race, so plan to get decent starts each time. Heavier-wind boat handling around marks DRILLS –FTL, then race to a leeward gate, working for position in breeze and using great boat handling to gain. — Crowded weather […]

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Practice Thursday 5-27-2021

GEAR SHIFTING Today’s wind forecast has unfortunately descended a bit and it looks like it could be quite unstable. If so, we will do simple line-ups and work on some of the things below. If our Magic-Easterly comes in, we will set up a starting line and do a few more things. Practice 1: weight […]

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Practice Tuesday 5-25-2021

We will work today on STARTS Winning the start is always a fun thing, but it’s never something you can count on. You must, however, to be a successful sailor, work extremely hard (prepare) before every single start and develop The Plan. Don’t ever use the same Plan simply because it worked last time. The […]

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Practice Thursday 5/20/21

Maybe practice: -final beat chase -cover schemes on final beat -switch into: Zander/Rees // Thomas/Robby // Owen Alex 420 Coach Boat(s) 1 Thomas Raam 2 Robby Lilly 3 Owen Scarlett 4 Luke Audrey 5 Alex 6 Ava Regan 7 Zander Rees 8 Kyle Lila 9 Geoff Helena 10 11 12 OUT FJ Gavin 1 Jack […]

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Practice Wednesday 5-19-2021

TR Practice Warm ups: 3 whistles = 360 turn Practice Starts…. will let them go if it’s close When at Mark 1, we will do a FTL combination of RED 3,4,5 and RED 2,4,6 If any wind, we will try our other skipper/crew combinations Jack/Audrey will rotate in with the Blue Team 420 Coach Boat(s) […]

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Practice Tuesday 5-18-2021

Depending on breeze amount/steadiness, we will do a series of Team races with the following teams below. We will likely employ the simpler “3-marks across” Digital-N course, which means that the mark representing the committee boat end of the start line will also serve as Mark 3; and the mark that serves as Mark 2 […]

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