Practice Wednesday 10-30-2019

warm up with normal boat handling drills… do your own pig in middle final beat passback/balance drill (short leg). We will go over this. downwind Pig in middle — upwind pig in middle 420’s practice boathandling on own, and also make sure crews in coach boats rotate in and get to sail FJ practice a […]

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Practice Tuesday 10-29-2019

Team Race Prep Day warm up with normal boat handling drills final beat passback/balance drill (short leg) downwind Pig in middle — upwind pig in middle 420’s 2 on 2 Last boat loses FJ practice a few races, or legs of races. Weekend TR teams make a point to get in the boat with each […]

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Practice Thursday 10-24-2019

Team Race Practice Work on starts/stops,  penalty turns,  and slowing down downwind in warm ups. 420’s will warm up with us, and then so simple 2 on 2 team races and/or fleet races. Red/Black will work on offset legs final beats a few full team races z420 Coach Boat 1 2 3 4 Nick Garcia […]

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Practice Wednesday 10-23-2019

Team Race-oriented Boat handling work on boat control, stops/starts, and if you get out early try some pig-in-middle Red vs. Black team races… 420’s 2 on 2 team race: Blue v. Green z420 Coach Boat 1 Charlie Granitto 2 Chris Sixbey 3 4 Nick Garcia Brooke Arnold Coach Boat 2 5 Ben Saunders 6 7 […]

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Practice Tuesday 10-22-2019

Goals focus on RED team for communication, teamwork, balance, and putting it together as a group. focus on CREW involvement in team racing calls. I will try several TR combinations of skippers, crews, etc. We are bringing 10 sailors to the MDISA Qualifier. I would like to try a few normal varsity skippers as RED […]

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Practice Monday 10/21/2019

We are ON for today! One thing I noticed this weekend at St. Mary’s College is how diligent their sailors are in taking care of their boats. We do not have that same level of care. I went down to check on the boats last night because of all the rain, and one FJ dolly […]

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