Sail Maine Venue, Portland, ME

Sail Maine is a community sailing center in downtown Portland. Baker TR Championship ROTATIONS Rotations, PDF BOATS Whitecap “turbo” 420’s. Sails are mostly normal size. Sails will be BRAND new. VENUE can be choppy/very choppy with traffic/reverberation from harbor, current swirls, etc.. This is often not predictable wave chop, but random stuff. Current is, well […]

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Practice Thursday 5-9-2019

BOTH coach boats need to be hauled and cleaned after practice. Ideally we can hose them down. Store SeaHunt in back lot, and the RIB near our shed in the parking lot. We hope to be able to return all our boats to the parking lot today. The 505 needs to be properly put away, […]

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Practice Wednesday 5-8-2019

Practice Focus: UPWIND -likely do legs of races today along with a few start-to-finish races to allow you to put finishing touches on your teamwork and communication. Staying in phase while aggressively seeking clear air. Everyone says its great to “be in phase”. What on earth does that actually mean? Well, be on the lifted/long […]

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