Practice Wednesday 10-28-2020

Race Day (our last) No Meeting, rig and get out on the water as quickly as you can Please check your email for a sign-up for Saturday racing at Gunpowder. We will sail there as a team this Saturday with select players. I need to know TODAY if you are able to attend. Bring-a-Friend day […]

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Practice Tuesday 10/20/2020

Practice Today will be a boat speed day. Work on weight trim balance, sail trim balance, and working together to make the boat go higher and faster. You may also have the chance to work on some rudderless sailing……. We may tow out to Dobbins area to try to get more wind. We shall see. […]

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Practice Thursday 10-15-2020

HiI will not be at practice today. Today you will work on basic boat handling, hiking in breeze, and downwind boat handling with Coach Ron. We will also try some new combinations over the next few practices. Coach Ron will get Helena and Dede in, assuming all other pairs below are set. z420 FIRST GROUP […]

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Race Day Tuesday 10/13/2020

Race Day: On the water judging in effect. No pre-meeting. Head right out. We may institute some cool new courses… especially if the wind is up… make sure you ask what the course is. Should be a nice NE wind today… will be cooler and wet out there so dress accordingly Sitz z420 Coach Boat […]

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Practice Tuesday 10-6-2020

Depending on conditions we will have a mini-Race day with a few crew substitutions. z420 FIRST GROUP   Coach Boat Coach Boat 1 Zander King Rees Tindall Julia Hlousek Raeha Richman 2 Thomas Sitzmann Raam Fox Scarlett H Kiernan Robinson 3 Robby Meek Lilly Baker Anna Howell   4       Nate Long 5 […]

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