Proper Sailing Gear

From the experts, below is a list of what you must have for high school sailing. Students should consult with current sailors to find out what is really needed, and what works best. Our team also works out together, so gym/workout clothing is required as well.
Remember that in the fall season, we are sailing in warm/hot temperatures, where the best gear helps you stay cool, out of the sun, and hydrated. Many choose a less expensive pair of sneakers which can serve as a great sailing shoe. This also includes sailing gloves, sailing boots, sunglasses, and rash guards. As the fall wears on, more thermal clothing is introduced. Then we move to spray pants, spray tops, hat, more thermal type of gloves, and eventually to a dry suit.
In the spring, we begin very cold (dry suit required) and eventually shed the warm gear.

  • LIFE JACKET, USCGA approved.
  • Drysuit (Severn School requires the use of a drysuit in the spring season)
  • Gloves
  • Sailing boots
  • layers (non-cotton)
  • sunglasses
  • sunblock
  • water bottle
  • spray gear (spray top, spray pants)
  • rash guards
  • bailer