Practice Thursday 4-26-2018

Normal practice: Same plan as yesterday OUT FJ1 Mariner Fagan Caroline McNeil Andrea Riefkohl FJ2 Caroline Bayless Abby Tindall 3 Maddie Hawkins Blair Reilly 4 Jordan Bruce Ryan  Wahba 5 Sam Bruce Camille White Coach boat 6 Owen Hennessey Addi Harris Marcus Adam 7 Patrick Dolan Charlie Granitto 8 Teddy Cromwell Rees Tindall 9 Benj […]

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Practice Wednesday 4-25-2018

Lighter air boat-handling today. Same deal: practice starts, work on timing and acceleration off the line Re-group at mark 1 and do 3 2 on 1’s, then we will do downwind SNO in “unstable winning” RED: 2,3,5 and RED 1,4,5 We might try a few light-air combinations as well. OUT FJ1 Mariner Fagan Caroline McNeil […]

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Practice Tuesday 4-24-2018

Practice Today for boat handling I’d like to work on better FJ gybes. Work on creating more acceleration and downhill direction out of the gybe. In light air it almost doesn’t matter about sail trim immediately after the gybe, as your kinetic energy from the roll should overcome and be more profitable than the wind […]

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Practice Wednesday 4-18-2018

Maybe one windsprint to warm up together, then we will split up earlier on today: TR Drill Circuit around the course: FTL starts to mark 1; work on speed, positioning, teamwork First Offset Drill: Break up into groups of 3 and do 3 runs of our offset drill; work on stops/starts/slowing/speeding up and trapping downwind […]

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Practice Tuesday 4-17-2018

Today we will work on team-racing & boat handling. Drills to include: stops/starts, 2 on 1 pass-back to finish 1st offset 1 3 2 final beat balance drill 2 on 2 around leeward gate 2 on 2 game or two maybe  z420 OUT 1 Mariner Fagan Caroline McNeil Addi Harris 2 Caroline Bayless Camille White […]

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Practice Thursday 4-12-2018

Today we will try different crew combinations out on the water, especially if it breezes up, which it hasn’t yet. Normal warm up, then a few Race Day style fleet races with anchored coach boat. We will also have 2 of our FJ’s switch into 420’s with the JV at some point during practice. OUT […]

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Trying a few different crew combinations today for differing conditions. Will likely switch back/forth as the day goes on and try heavy air combinations tomorrow. Rabbit start windsprints, stops/starts, & tacking. Work hard to hold lane. DW wing on/off Short course positioning/rule abiding/mark rounding/boat handling Break up and do a few team races with Varsity. […]

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Practice Tuesday 4-10-2018

Today -practice starts, staggered start drill and V-Whistle Stop drill. Work on winning a lane at the start, being able to tack when you want to; also work on decisively bailing out when you don’t. Discuss what a good bail out achieves. -continuous race course to work on positioning, rules, and mark roundings. Do not […]

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Practice Friday, 4-6-2018

NO BUS TODAY. JV and all bus riders please work to find a ride. Warm up practice, tacking, gybing, etc. Putting it all together: practice starts; committee boat WILL be anchored today first beat downwind lane drill with gate rounding final beats A few crew switches if we have breeze tomorrow or Sunday OUT 1 […]

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