Practice Friday 8-30-2019

Crew/Skipper Training Day Focus: Work on weight trim/positioning, tacking, gybing, and a little bit of sail trim. ***Do your best to flip and get 12 ready to be rigged. I will bring down the chainplates….*** We will work for 1st half of practice in the teams below, then several boats will switch crews to the […]

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Practice Thursday 8-29-2019

**You may leave your sailing gear near the pendulum for the day ONLY if you stow it as out of the way as you possibly can, underneath the stairs** PRACTICE THURSDAY We will go to the marina, and rig as many boats as are working and we can fill. We will also launch coach boats, […]

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Practice Wednesday 8/28/2019

Team Introduction Team Questionnaire: Team Email List (google groups):!forum/severn-school-sailing-team Parent Email List (google groups):!forum/severn-school-sailing-parents Permission to Drive  FORM Fall MDISA Schedule Team Race Playbook Password & Username: username= playbook PW =           Pl@y23ook! Website password for team pages: goSSDT

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