Practice Thursday 3-29-2018

Today we will go to the marina regardless of weather. If no wind, we will work on boats. 420’s for everyone. Varsity: Work on downwind TR tactics/strategy. Drill will begin with a TR start, likely a FTL start. TR will end at Mark 2. Then we line up in a 1-2 /3-4 to mark 3, and […]

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Practice Tuesday 3-27-2018

Today we will have a (FLEET) Race Day, given the fact that tomorrow’s forecast calls for no wind. We will likely combine today’s Fleet Race Day scores with more Fleet Race scores on Friday, when we should have better wind. So this week likely will have regatta results based on today and Friday. JV lineup […]

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Practice Friday 3-9-2018

Practice today will be: Varsity Heavy air boat handling warm up some heavy air team race drills/practice JV Maybe go out, depending on conditions OUT 1 Mariner Fagan Caroline McNeil Christiaan Smith 2 Maddie Hawkins Blair Reilly Zander King 3 Caroline Bayless Ryan  Wahba 4 Jordan Bruce Andrea Riefkohl 5 Sam Bruce Camille White Coach […]

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Practice Thursday 3-8-2018

(Fleet) Race Day for Everyone -We will run practice starts for boats that are out early. -Course is a W4 with an offset & leeward gate (like always). -Coach boats are official JUDGE boats with full power to call fouls -Coach K may edit lineup for JV FOCUS: moderate/breezy boat handling. Work very hard to […]

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