Thursday 3-30-2017

Everyone in 420’s Today -Boat handling (tacks, starts/stops, DW gybes, etc) -Practice TR Starts -2 chase 1 drill on final beat / 2 chase 1 downwind 420 Bayless Connor McNeil Caroline 420 Houck Stephanie Morgan Aidan 420 Bayless Caroline Reilly Blair BLACK 420 Bruce Jordan Taczak Sophie 420 Bruce Sam White Camille 420 Hawkins Maddie […]

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Practice Wednesday 3-29-2017

Warm up -FJ boat speed -tacking/gybing TR Drills -FTL starts / Recognize-execute to marks 1-2. Please work very hard ON BEING ABLE to FLEET RACE on the first beat as much as possible. –1/4/5  and/or 2/3/6 from mark 2 to finish. The conservative, playbook-approved thing to do here, when in a 2/3/6, is to play […]

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Practice Today 3-28-2017

NO SAILING. Do not rig. Please go through each boat. Pick a studdybuddy and inspect the boats together. I will have lists for you to check off. We will then look over the venue, marks, etc. Work out as normal. Please also let’s calibrate some running routes.

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Boat Checklist

BOAT CHECKLIST   BOAT CHECKLIST                                              BOAT _________                             DATE_____________   HULL dry plugs jib cleats pintles tennis ball   MAST Halyards Cleats gooseneck BOOM Blocks Outhaul cleat / block gooseneck SAILS Holes? Battens? Windows telltaltes   RUDDER/TILLER Tiller fits? Extension Universal Gudgeons Pintles (on hull) RIGGING Halyards Sheets Vang Outhaul Cunnungham Hiking strap lines Board up/down […]

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Monday Practice 3-27-2017

Today we will sail, but if there is no wind we will: Work out at the marina as normal. Let’s create 3-4 running routes, figure out their distances, and get them set so we know how much we are running. Consider making personal training goals, writing them down, and working to reach/exceed them. Go through […]

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Monday 3/20/2017 Practice Teams

Assuming these people are here: 420 Bayless Connor McNeil Caroline 420 Houck Stephanie Morgan Aidan 420 Bayless Caroline White Camille Reilly Sam Reilly Blair BLACK McCollum Will 420 Bruce Jordan Taczak Sophie 420 Bruce Sam Wahba Ryan 420 Hawkins Maddie Adam Marcus 420 Fagan Mariner Tindall Abbie BLUE Riefkohl Andrea Harris Addi Lamb Hayden 420 […]

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Practice, Föstudagur 10 March

If you were Icelandic, your last name would be your fathers first name, and then if you are a male the suffix would be “…sson” and if you are a girl it would be “…dottir”       So, my fathers name is Thomas. My Icelandic last name would be “Thomas Thomassson”  . It’s  föstudagur. […]

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