Monday Practice Notes

-when covered, TACK. Unless you are suckering someone, you cannot simply sail along in bad air making the opponents job exponentially easier. A couple times on the final beat we saw this. In the 1,5,6 when we gave up the 1, everything was working except that the two boats that were on starboard never tacked… […]

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Practice Wednesday 4-17-2019

Downwind Combo Day Warm up with normal BH drills Unstable winning combos downwind:  1,4,5,    2,3,5    1,3,6 We will try to do at least 2 of each combo listed above, downwind. We will start drill by doing a first beat, then stop and re-form in these combos. If time then maybe try a chase […]

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Practice Tuesday 4-16

Launch Whaler in back lot (newer one that we just hauled). Please do this ASAP. Remove Marks out of Obi Wan and put them in the Whaler FJ TR Boat handling focus and First Beats. FJ Pig in Middle to mark 1, then P.I.M. to mark 2, then pig in middle to mark 3. Start […]

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Practice Friday 4-12

Boathandling: Maddie, Sam and Mariner Switch into 420’s if you want to to finish 420 boat handling halfway or whenever you want. Windsprints, practice starts, 360/720, downwind boat handling. It’s windier today than it will likely be all weekend which is too bad, so the boat handling simulation won’t be ideal, so please work on […]

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Race Day Results 4-11

Race Day results below. Great sailing by all today; perfect easterly, 6-13 knots, with some chop. Tomorrow we will have a crisp and maybe shorter boat handling practice, with some crew/skipper combo experiments and finalize our teams for the weekend. Before sailing tomorrow we will go over teams for the weekend.

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