Practice Wednesday 11-9-2017

Those that can make it please come today to practice, to help our team prepare for the ACC’s. I don’t know exactly who’s making it so we will create teams at the venue. Tomorrow is our last time sailing; we need to put the boats away for the winter, haul coach boats, and get the […]

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Practice Plan Thursday 11-3-2016

Boat handling: crew weight/sail trim balance steering drill Practice starts rabbit start Survivor Drill A few races 12 Houck Stephanie McNeil Caroline 11 Bruce Jordan Reilly Blair 10 Bruce Sam Taczak Sophie 9 Fagan Mariner Tindall Abbie 8 White Camille Harris Addi 7 Hawkins Maddie Ankenbrand Chandler 6 Reilly Sam Reifkohl Andrea 5 Wahba Ryan […]

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Practice Today 11-1-2016

Today we will practice with the teams below or mix and match…. Practice Plan TBD Houck Stephanie McNeil Caroline Bruce Jordan Reilly Blair Bruce Sam Taczak Sophie Fagan Mariner Tindall Abbie Hawkins Maddie Buckley Aidan Selby Jack Ankenbrand Chandler Reilly Sam Meyer Maddie McCollum Will Wahba Ryan Coach Boat Keelboats? Harris Addi Bayless Connor Adam […]

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