Practice Wednesday 5-10-2017

Today we will meet in Teel 302 after school. No practice tomorrow for Mallory team. Everyone else may have practice Thursday and Friday. Standby for updates on that. Meeting about: -next year team racing -heavy air sailing -rest/nutrition -crew responsibilities during a regatta -mental preparation -physical preparation -final beat tactics -voting for Players Award and […]

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Practice 5-9-2017

-Bring in Pinnies -boat handling practice. OUT 1 FJ Bayless Connor McNeil Caroline 2 FJ Houck Stephanie Morgan Aidan 3 FJ Bayless Caroline Reilly Blair 4 FJ Fagan Mariner Tindall Abbie Hawkins Maddie 5 FJ Bruce Sam White Camille McCollum Will 6 FJ Bruce Jordan Riefkohl Andrea 7 420 Adam Marcus Meyer Maddi 8 420 […]

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Race Day Results 5/8/2017

Charles River-like conditions today with wind from the northwest, 4-16 knots, with very large shift and holes. Starting again was critical; getting a jump on the line and holding your lane almost always meant a top 3 or 4 finish, and sailing in bad air on the correct tack was necessary if you had to, […]

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Practice Monday 5-8-2017

Monday Practice Since Wed/Thurs look light & variable (which means we may not be able to sail), we are going to have a Race Day today, and we will finalize boat handling and starts, etc tomorrow. Everyone should treat today as an important regatta. There will be 1-2 Judge boats that are authorized to give […]

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Practice 5-4-2017

Not sure who is here today. We will change around if/as needed. OUT 1 FJ Bayless Connor McNeil Caroline 2 FJ Houck Stephanie Morgan Aidan Smith Christiaan 3 FJ Bayless Caroline Taczak Sophie Granitto Charlie 4 FJ Bruce Sam Reilly Blair Hawkins Maddie 5 FJ Fagan Mariner Tindall Abbie 6 FJ Bruce Jordan Riefkohl Andrea […]

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Practice Wednesday 5-3-2017

Today: -FJ TR Tournament. Rig and go. We will warm up if there are boats out there early with some stops/starts/windsprints. These are the teams we will sail with this weekend. We could potentially bring a bus to what will be the last regatta for our seniors. Let’s discuss. -420 Match Race tournament OUT 1 […]

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