Practice Wednesday 2-28-2018

Varsity: Warm up with some tacking drills, then Team Race Tournament. We have drone video today, so we will capture a best of 5 tournament, and use the video in class next week. JV: Boat handling practice, with maybe some 2 on 2 last-boat loses. Can use our race course to do your two on twos […]

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Practice Monday 2-26-2018

Monday. Team workouts. Teams will split up so we can get more done. Attendance will be taken. Dance room team has chalk talk in Teel 302 after workout from 1610-1700. Dance Room Team (meet at 1450 in Dance Room) with Coach Sitzmann Mariner Fagan Camille White Ryan Caroline Bayless Abby Tindall Marcus Sam Bruce Caroline […]

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Practice Friday 2-23-2018

TEAM RUN Today. Afterward, we will: Repair all rudders. Ensure that all new rudders fit in the 420’s Check and change where necessary the mainsheet/ jib sheets. The thicker diameter rope is the mainsheet Rake all 420 rigs back 1-3 holes. Will experiment Clean shed, begin repairing sail racks take inventory on all parts and […]

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Practice Thursday

Hi; Lot’s of absences, 5 skippers and 8 total, and due to this, we have 2 crews skippering.  Today we have the Drone scheduled again. Will do a few warm-up drills, then drone-video a few fleet races, possibly on a trapezoid course. Tomorrow we have the team RUN, followed by sailing and/or boat work.   […]

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Practice 2-21-2018 Wednesday

Hi Today is Team Race Tournament Time. All games will be drone-videoed and analyzed at our classroom talk next Monday after workouts. There IS a bus today. I need ALL bus riders to take the marks out of the coach boat over by the buses and put them in the bus. Don’t know which bus […]

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Practice Tuesday 2/20/2018

Hi; Apologies if people didn’t know what was going on; I thought I was pretty clear in our last meeting that sailing starts today and we’d be at the sailing center unless the weather didn’t allow that. So, we’ll be at the sailing center today. We will work on the boats, rig up the FJ’s […]

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