Practice Friday, 2-28-2020

Downwind Day: Freedom of the Fool Downwind sailing is a bit underrated and easy to gloss over: its easy, relatively comfortable, and can be a one-tack straight shot. Time to relax? No. There’s a lot more there than many sailors either notice, think about, or go after. Only the best (and most successful) teams approach […]

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Practice Wednesday 2-26-2020

PRACTICE WEDNESDAY: Building on Monday, and Team Racing 101 Today we will continue to work on teamwork inside the boat, mostly still on upwind. Please work hard on the FTL & acceleration to a tack/stop-start drill. Our very first team race drill breaks it all down to “Beat your guy”. Your ONE goal today is […]

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Practice Tuesday 2-25-2020

Hi; Given the forecast, we will meet on campus today at 3pm in Teel 302. Make-up run tomorrow. Tomorrow the wind forecast is much better. We will meet briefly here in Teel 302 and then workout as a team. If there’s time, we may spend a few minutes in the stands rooting the lacrosse team […]

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Practice Monday 2-24-2020

Outlook for the Week (tentative) Based on the forecast for the week, we will Monday: Sail, or try to sail. If there is no wind, we will work on the boats more, and also do a dry-land crew training day Tuesday: MAKE-UP TEAM RUN.  We will again try to sail tomorrow. If the forecast is […]

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