Practice, 5-13-2021

420 Coach Boat(s) 1 2 3 4 5 Jack Audrey 6 Nate Julia 7 Ava Helena 8 Rees (?) Reese 9 10 Will John 11 12 Chris M. Kate OUT FJ 1 Zander Scarlett 2 Thomas Raam Gavin 3 Robby Lilly 4 Owen Alex 5 Kyle Lila 6 Chase Regan

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Practice Wednesday 5-12-2021

Looks like mostly lighter winds today. We will do our best. Practice 1: light air weight trim: low and slow (gentle). Consider slight heel to help boat balance Practice 2:: Always be mindful of over-trimming Drills: Normal warm ups, maybe a “survivor” wind sprint Downwind, 3 whistles = a “Gybe-Round“, in which you will approximate […]

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Practice 5-11-2021

Practice 1: Work on better downwind boat control and timing with your partner on tacks and gybes. Practice 2: Make SURE you under-trim the jibs out of a tack, and then sheet in smoothly as the boat accelerates. If you can’t point, often your jib trim is too tight and/or your mainsail trim isn’t tight […]

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Practice Monday 5-10-2021

Practice 1 Today working on crisp, sharp FJ roll-tacks and re-entering the world of FJ sailing, and matching roll/flatten to each unique wind/wave conditions all the time. Working hard on understeering downwind in maneuvers. You may want to practice rudderless DW sailing if you get the chance Practice 2 Use old FJ sails today. The […]

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Practice Wednesday, 5-5-2021

LAUNCH COACH BOAT. Do NOT block accessway to ramp before getting the coach boat out first so we can launch it. Feel free to begin launching with 5-6 people as soon as possible. Wind might die on us, so we will launch the coach boat and get right out on the water.Normal warm-ups to start […]

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