Team Notice, FRIDAY 11-6-2020

Good morning;First, apologies for the proliferation of countermanding emails yesterday. I promise this is the last of this season. I’d appreciate it if you’d take a moment and read this.While we have had good progress on the water this fall, it’s of course been a bit bittersweet, practicing on average only two times a week […]

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TR Thursday 11-5

  Head right out rig up and launch ASAP 420 FIRST GROUP Coach Boat Coach Boat 1 Zander King Scarlett /Rees Scarlett Harris Rees 2 Thomas Sitzmann Raam Fox Julia Hlousek 3 Robby Meek Lilly Baker 4 5 6 7 Owen Hennessey Alex 8 Patrick Dolan Chase W Hilliard 9 Kyle Reinecke Ella May Corckran […]

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TR Practice 11/4/2020

Hi Rig up asap today and head out. Sailing FJ Today; sails are in the Tiny House. I am almost certain that we will sail/tow out east of our normal sailing area to get better winds. If you are out early head in that direction……. FJ FJ FIRST GROUP Coach Boat Coach Boat 1 Zander […]

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