Practice Wednesday 3-30-2016

Team Race Practice today. What is Balance? Why is it important. We will make up teams when we get to the rink, and see who’s there. Quiz. Look at the picture below, and tell me why it IS or IS NOT and example of balance for BLUE. This is not a trick question, it’s simple… […]

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Practice Tuesday 29 March

Hi We will focus of course on TR this week. Today, Red & Black sail 420’s. You will sail some FJ’s this week as well. Looks like I brought the wind home with me. The BVI had 20-30 knots every day and night. Looks to be close to that during the day, with a few […]

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Race Day Results & Report

Overall, very impressed with the sailing today. Seven of the nine boats had top 3 finishes today; that’s great news for our team. Lots of video from today, will upload soon. Sorry not to get Marcus in! We had a missing skipper, but much was learned on the coach boats today. WSW wind 4- 8 […]

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WAC Practice Notes, 3-9-2016

FJ’s are easier to sail heavy. Don’t psych yourself out as much in light air if you think you are “heavy.” Roll the boat very aggressively, and keep the boat flat, and you can compete against lighter teams. The FJ has a narrower waterline. 420’s are in fact more weight sensitive at the extremes.. that […]

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