Practice Thursday 4-29-2021

Today will be our last day on the water this week. Tomorrow, I would like our varsity TR team to meet in my classroom after school to go over team racing.We will work on our Flying Junior handling for the teams competing this weekend, talk about that a bit and go out an execute some […]

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Race Day, Wednesday 4-28-2021

Scored Race Day. No Meeting, head right out ASAP. We may try a hybrid trapezoid course, maybe, maybe not. We’ll see. Otherwise we will do as many W/L fleet races as possible.Your goal for today is to set a goal or two as a team, work on them and then evaluate afterward your progress. 420 […]

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Practice Monday 4-27

420 Coach Boat 1 2 3 Helena 4 5 Ava Scarlett 6 Patrick Regan 7 8 9 Chase Gavin 10 Will John 11 Chris M. Kate 12 Nate Julia OUT FJ 1 Zander Reese 2 Thomas Raam Rees 3 Robby Lilly 4 Owen Alex 5 Kyle Lila 6 Jack Audrey

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Practice Friday, 4-23-2021

I need confirmation at practice today or sooner from those selected to go to the JV Regatta that you can go. Also, if it is not too windy, the JV Team sailing this weekend can sail FJ’s to get ready for tomorrow…… Final boathandling warm-up with everyone: normal stuff starts from stop 360/720 downspeed double-tack […]

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Practice 4/20/2021

TR Practice *we may need to change/edit boats that you are rigging, given the fact that a few may not be available today. Warm up with everyone: boat handling, stops/starts/ 360/720, stopping/starting downwind. Focus on aggressive, balanced and well-timed body mechanics tuned in with your partner. As the wind builds, you need to get even […]

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Practice Monday 4-19-2021

TR Practice TR starts with Black vs Red, Then Green vs. Blue 2 whistles STOP WHERE YOU ARE; Ill reset positions and balance, then start up again. Bump & Run/Clear Out Drill at 1st offset. When we get to the WM, form up in FTL groups of 3 Leader has 2 opponents behind, and tries […]

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Practice Friday, 4-16-2021

Team Race Day We will attempt to do two “rounds” of team racing today as per below. I’d really like to have 4 teams out there and involve as many of us as we can, and do 1 quick round robin. However if it is very windy, we may just go directly to “Round 2” […]

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Practice Thursday 4-15-2021

Team Race Practice: All about BALANCE & Communication Boats 1-6 will “practice around the course” in the following manner: Start: We will do a “real” start and either go with it or re-start. Work on your team starting timing. First Beat: Work on recognition->execution. Whistle-Stops-the-Game. when I blow 2 whistles, everyone has to stop exactly […]

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Practice Tuesday 4-13-2021

TR Practice Will go over plan at practice. 420 Coach boat 1 Zander Rees 2 Thomas Raam 3 Robby Lilly 4 Owen Alex 5 Jack Audrey Klepper 6 Patrick Regan King 7 Chase Reese Corckran Kate Castleberry 8 Kyle Lila Gibson 9 Nate Julia Hlousek 10 Will Gavin Helena English 11 Chris M. John OUT […]

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