Practice Thursday 4-5-2018

Same general plan as yesterday. We will practice as one team, until maybe the end when Varsity does a team race or two. We are all ON for today. Boat handling in moderate winds practice starts / lane holding Likely add in some DW lane management and gate choice practice Varsity does a few team […]

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Practice Wednesday 4-4-2018

Anyone missing Hi-Top Bucks? They are here in Teel 302. As of now Varsity is sailing. JV is definitely NOT sailing. I will update Varsity sailing status by 2pm. JV on campus today; please meet at 3:15 in the gym lobby. Assuming Varsity sails: Varsity will work on heavy air boat handling and also try […]

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Practice Tuesday 4-3-2018

Today’s focus will be on starts in light air, and lane holding upwind. At the end of practice, we will come in and debrief. Each team will discuss one gear shifting, and one communication discussion they had and how they practiced it. See below. Practice for the week: Starting preparation Lane holding upwind Lane holding/finding […]

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