Pratice Thursday 5-10-2018

RACE DAY TODAY FOR EVERYONE We will keep an eye on weather. Everyone in z420’s; day off from team racing. Focus on crew/skipper communication and crews making fleet racing calls on the water. Be willing to talk about windshifts, course management, etc. Skippers drive the boat and focus on speed. We need as many boats […]

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Practice 5-9-2018

we will try these light air combos and then mix around a little more (Jordan & Caroline B.) if there’s wind: A few short fleet races to start with everyone, then TR practice as best we can given the light conditions. FJ OUT 1 Mariner Fagan  Ryan  Wahba   2 Maddie Hawkins Caroline McNeil    […]

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Practice Tuesday 5-8-2018

TR Practice today: -maybe a few fleet races to start -TR:  work on first beat communication and decisiveness (recognition-> execution) passbacks at marks 1-2 downwind Red 2,3,4 final beat 2,3,4 FJ OUT 1 Mariner Fagan Ryan  Wahba 2 Maddie Hawkins Caroline McNeil 3 Caroline Bayless Abby Tindall 4 Jordan Bruce Camille White 5 Sam Bruce […]

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Practice Friday 5-4-2018

Today:  LAUNCH COACH BOAT (RIB) -Fleet Race Day with 2-3 Races all together. -Talk to your teammates about what to do downwind in a 1,3,6, and a 1,4,6 -then we break up and Varsity will work on Starts/First beats, then Downwind Combo RED: 1, 3, 6 & 1,4,6 -Final Beat combos 1,3,6, and 1,4,6 FJ […]

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Practice Thursday 5-3-2018

Trying more combinations today. We will move more people around to continue to have all combinations a chance to work out together. This is a great opportunity to learn from new people, so part of today will be used to do just that. -warm up boat handling for those that get out quickly -a few […]

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Practice Wednesday 5-2-2018

Today we will work on a few more of the same drills: -tacking (remember yesterday and also check out some film of your tacks) -gybing downwind, working on less turn, more kinetics and power through the gybe -maybe a race or two together -if enough steady wind, we will split up and V will do […]

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Practice Tuesday 5-1-2018

Today we will take some time to work on roll tacks. We may move pairs around a little to try some things out. Observations: -synchronize rolling -switch jib tack to tack without luffing -roll later -work on mainsail trim throughout tack –tight in, then ease, then in…. after flatten, “re-adjust” main trim for one more […]

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