Practice Tuesday 5-17-2022

ADMIN LAUNCH Admirals ASAP MED FORMSS for traveling sailors… not all are in: Jed, Kyle, Ella May, Lilly, Scarlett and Ava HAVE turned theirs in. Slow burn to shut down sailing; we will likely not need 6-7 420’s anymore, so as the days go by, we can start de-rigging boats 1-7 slowly. PRACTICE 420’s have […]

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Practice Thursday 5-12-2022

ADMIN need help launching laser foil and towing over to my house. Likely after practice most definitely haul Admirals at end of practice. PRACTICE Final details practice starts. Cone Drill. This continuously running drill focuses on tactics at the “top of the cone”, especially the importance of ducking a starboard boat to gain leverage and […]

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Practice Wednesday 5-11-2022

ADMIN will load Waszp box in my truck today If it’s at all windy, maybe we rig the Laser Foil so we can swap in/out of it. PRACTICE Warm up with acceleration from slow and stop FTL stop/starts. Make sure you are close/bow-to-stern some “normal” practice starts. Evaluate your own strategy and its execution Box […]

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Practice Tuesday 5-10-2022

ADMIN check 420 sails for wear/tear make sure your boat is dry Laser FOIL must go back to my house, along with Waszp box PRACTICE several practice starts. We will attempt to anchor the whaler to create a more realistic starting line. Today we will work on final beat. If the wind is steady we […]

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Practice Monday 5-9-2022

ADMIN Launch Admirals PRACTICE Normal warm-ups Today will be the last day of one-fleet sailing. This is a short week, with NO PRACTICE on Friday. Today we will work on 2 things: Mark Roundings & Excelling in Congestion. This will be mostly at the start, mark-roundings, and dw lanes. We will do some practice starts, […]

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Practice Friday 5-6-2022

ADMIN Haul Admirals at end of practice, no fail. PRACTICE moderate/breezy boat-handling focus today. We will practice rain or shine. I will set up a typical race course, and possibly move marks around some to require you to keep re-evaluating the fastest course around them. Those on the coach boat will have an opportunity to […]

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Practice Wednesday 5-4-2022

ADMIN measure gudgeon location(s) on Laser transoms Haul Toon PRACTICE 2 Plans today; A & B PLAN A: If wind is light and goofy, we will have a winner-take all single-handed TR tournament. There will be 3 420 teams, and each team will have ONE doublehanded boat. (lineups below). PLAN B: If wind is steadier, […]

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Practice 5-3-2022

ADMIN Launch Admirals whaler first, right away check and haul Pontoon boat For SCC JV on Saturday, I’d like: JV1 SCC Chris M. Kate Sam Reese PRACTICE I set teams below. We are going to focus on fleet racing and getting our girls team going, along with a JV1 team going to SCC on Saturday […]

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Practice Friday 4-29-2022

ADMIN I know you’ve had this marked on your calendars for months, but again, today is International Dance Day, and the 40th anniversary of this august occasion, no less. We will officially begin our learn-the-electric-slide program today in honor of the holiday and commit to it. For todays dance, however, we will open it up […]

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