Practice Tuesday 3-10-2020

RACE DAY We will have a Race Day, given the good wind forecast for today, and the poor forecast for tomorrow. In fact, make sure you have workout gear packed for tomorrow. If the wind is too light, we will have a chalk-talk meeting then workout. Key Focus Today: Get out on the water as […]

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Practice Monday 3-9-2020

Monday Practice: 2 Goals: Crew boat handling focus on roll tacks, acceleration especially at the start, & sail trim, upwind and downwind (in FJ and in 420). Fleet race tactics in action. Drills: Practice Starts with video on a few boats. Discuss what you need to do together to accelerate and hold lane. Very often […]

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Practice Video from Thursday 3-5-2020

Here are some of the videos taken from Thursday: 10 & 12: 3 & 8: 4 & 6 : 1 & 9 :   Race Plan, boat 9: Race execution, boat 9:   Race Plan, Boat 7: Race execution, boat 7:        

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Redneck Friday, 3-6-2020

Q: What is a Redneck Friday? A: When you take lunch break, and never return to work. “You might be a redneck if…” any of your front room pieces of furniture is inflatable. the family business requires a lookout. you put in a 40 hour week at Walmart, but don’t work there. you were ever […]

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Practice Thursday, 3-5-2020

Practice today: Boat-handling spotlight: Light air boat-handling requires ability both to be very physical while also being spry enough to feel/know when to be still and let the sails/foils do its thing. Too much movement/rocking can be both illegal and potentially slow. Be extremely careful not to over-trim sails too soon, or at all in […]

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Practice Wednesday 3-4-2020

TR Practice: Covering/Pass-backs, upwind and down. Work it; hunt and kill. Your goal for today is to work on your boat-handling ability to execute team race moves, with a partner. It’s all about teamwork. Today you will be divided up into groups of 3. You will help run your own drills. Please communicate with each […]

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