Practice Tuesday 5-15 UPDATED

LAUNCH THE RIB. RIB GOES IN BEFORE ANY SAILBOATs PLAN TO Stay a little later today…. likely leaving at 6pm I may switch you all around a bit today; UPDATE: see the boat placements below. We will sail in the boat designations below assuming there are 2 full teams visiting. There will be 5 teams […]

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Practice Friday 5-11-2018

PLEASE VOTE FOR PLAYERS AWARD NOW Varsity- tacking/ 360, 720, gybing practice downwind passbacks (2 on 1). work on timing, boat handling. We may enlarge this to 3 on 3. balance upwind? a few team races FJ OUT FJ-1 Mariner Fagan Ryan  Wahba Addi Harris FJ-2 Maddie Hawkins Blair Reilly 3 Caroline Bayless Abby […]

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Race Day Results 5-10-2018

Today we started in a westerly that kept backing, all the way to the SE; RC aggressively moved marks to give some decent races. Our first race of the day was abandoned; as an FYI, Boat 2 and 5 were well ahead in the abandoned race. The left generally seemed the safer bet today; but […]

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Pratice Thursday 5-10-2018

RACE DAY TODAY FOR EVERYONE We will keep an eye on weather. Everyone in z420’s; day off from team racing. Focus on crew/skipper communication and crews making fleet racing calls on the water. Be willing to talk about windshifts, course management, etc. Skippers drive the boat and focus on speed. We need as many boats […]

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Practice 5-9-2018

we will try these light air combos and then mix around a little more (Jordan & Caroline B.) if there’s wind: A few short fleet races to start with everyone, then TR practice as best we can given the light conditions. FJ OUT 1 Mariner Fagan  Ryan  Wahba   2 Maddie Hawkins Caroline McNeil    […]

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Practice Tuesday 5-8-2018

TR Practice today: -maybe a few fleet races to start -TR:  work on first beat communication and decisiveness (recognition-> execution) passbacks at marks 1-2 downwind Red 2,3,4 final beat 2,3,4 FJ OUT 1 Mariner Fagan Ryan  Wahba 2 Maddie Hawkins Caroline McNeil 3 Caroline Bayless Abby Tindall 4 Jordan Bruce Camille White 5 Sam Bruce […]

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