Race Day Results

Race Day Results below E-SE wind, 4-8 knots, choppy. 3 Protests heard, one DSQ, and one RDG. Some crew switches not reflected in the names below; my apologies. -Conditions today favored teams that looked for opportunities to stay out of trouble. Mariner/Ryan’s day was impressive, made all the more so given he was over early […]

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Practice Monday 9/10/2018

DO NOT PUT BOATS ON RAMP. I need to launch the coach boat Today we will have a segmented Race Day. : 1. Go out and race 2 races in the crew combos below. 2. Then switch in crews below among boats 7-12, and race 2 races. We will attempt to rotate on the water […]

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Practice Friday 9/7/2018

Weather permitting, we will have the JV and new people only for practice tomorrow. Laser sailors may practice. Coach K will edit the roster below as needed. If anyone is able to skipper to get more boats out that’d be great. Stay tuned to email from Coach K if weather requires cancellation. Varsity has the […]

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Practice Thursday 9/6

We will mix and match as best we can today. Still lacking coach boats. 420   420 1 Mariner Fagan Ryan  Wahba Rotate In 2 Maddie Hawkins Marcus Adam Raam Fox 3 Caroline Bayless Abby Tindall Hallam Ryan 4 Sam Bruce Addi Harris 5 Jordan Bruce Andrea Riefkohl 6 Owen Hennessey Rees Tindall 7 Zander […]

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Practice Wednesday 9/5/2018

If there’s wind: -a few tacking drills/dw drills. Work on communication and balance to produce speed. -race or two. -switch crews as seen below as time allows. The 420 SKIPPER CREW 1 CREW 2 1 Mariner Fagan Ryan  Wahba Matthew Hoyt 2 Maddie Hawkins Benj Damon / Marcus Adam Wesley Ingrao 3 Caroline Bayless Abby […]

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Practice Tuesday 9/4/2018

Hi; The wind forecast is very dismal today. We will therefore meet after school in Teel 302 and stay on campus today. Chalk talk then team workout. You should be done by 4:45-5:00 today. Tomorrow we will sail for sure, and move boats back inside the gates. Agenda -who wants to crew. who wants to […]

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Practice Friday 8-31-2019

KEEP A CLOSE eye on the weather. Its very unstable/unsettled. We are still ON for today, but we will cancel if a storm pops up. Things to do: Move coach boat either back out of the water or to a slip (will know soon which to do) make sure 420’s are angled up so they […]

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