Race Day Results 9/22/2020

W/NW wind today at 6-13 knots. Course was longer and starting line very long and generous. Teams that were shifting speed gears today did well along with their ability to re-focus and release any pre-conceived notions about the race course. Today’s wind was all about being open to any new place to go. Lots of […]

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Race Day Tuesday 9/22/2020

Race Day: On the water judging in effect. No pre-meeting. Head right out. Course will be 4 legs or modified, please ask race committee. Sitz z420 Coach Boat Coach Boat 1 Zander King Rees Tindall Raeha Richman 2 Thomas Sitzmann Raam Fox Dede Tindall Kiernan Robinson 3 Robby Meek Lilly Baker Gavin Petrinko 4 Chris […]

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Practice Wednesday 09/16/2020

-Makeup run for those that have not done it yet. -no pre-sail meeting………….You can rig and head right out. Team Race Practice with 6 boats for Red and Blue. Pig in middle drill. do these if you get out early,  on your own. Pig in middle… 2 reds against a blue, and 2 blues against […]

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Practice Tuesday 9/15/2020

-Make up run tomorrow for those that still need to run -When you get to the Marina, check in with me if you were not on campus today, and we will re-institute temperature checks for those that did not go to school today. – No pre-sail meeting. Dress, rig, and go. You can head out […]

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Team Run Data

great job today. Many of us were slower with some notable exceptions, all good!. Thomas Sitzmann 15.58 Thomas Sitzmann 17.30 Rees Tindall 16.03 Rees Tindall 17.55 Jordan Bruce 16.35 Robby Meek 18.30 Sam Bruce 16.55 Kyle Reinecke 19.44 Kyle Reinecke 18.37 Dede Tindall 19.45 Teddy Cromwell 18.43 Cole Petrinko 19.48 Robby Meek 18.44 Coach Sitz […]

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