Practice Wednesday 10-23-2019

Team Race-oriented Boat handling work on boat control, stops/starts, and if you get out early try some pig-in-middle Red vs. Black team races… 420’s 2 on 2 team race: Blue v. Green z420 Coach Boat 1 Charlie Granitto 2 Chris Sixbey 3 4 Nick Garcia Brooke Arnold Coach Boat 2 5 Ben Saunders 6 7 […]

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Practice Tuesday 10-22-2019

Goals focus on RED team for communication, teamwork, balance, and putting it together as a group. focus on CREW involvement in team racing calls. I will try several TR combinations of skippers, crews, etc. We are bringing 10 sailors to the MDISA Qualifier. I would like to try a few normal varsity skippers as RED […]

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Practice Monday 10/21/2019

We are ON for today! One thing I noticed this weekend at St. Mary’s College is how diligent their sailors are in taking care of their boats. We do not have that same level of care. I went down to check on the boats last night because of all the rain, and one FJ dolly […]

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Friday Practice 10-18-2019

Friday Practice FIRST. do NOT put any boats outside our fence. Bring the coach boat over to the ramp so we can launch it. SECOND, we must de-rig 5 & 6 today and flip them over for repairs. THIRD, Vanimals, please go to the athletic field house and get our tent for this weekend, leave […]

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Practice Thursday 10-17-2019

Today we will focus on heavy-air sailing and crews, potentially trying several HA crews with different people. One particular goal for today is for our top skippers to identify HA crews that they work most effectively with. IF the wind abates enough, we will switch to a more normal skipper/crew arrangement. Be advised, if the […]

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Practice Tuesday 10-15-2019

Fleet race practice Robby and Owen please feel free to sail lasers as much as you want, starting today…. we will try to have at least 2-3 more laser days. Santa Barbara can have all sorts of conditions…. including light and shifty for sure. Crew weight trim/shifting gears Crews try backwards tacking if you like […]

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Sunday 10-13-2019

We will mix and match depending on who’s here, but likely the boats we will rig are: If your name isn’t here and I asked you to come, please still do. z420 1 Thomas Sitzmann Raam Fox 2 Zander King Chase W Hilliard 3 Teddy Cromwell Hayden Lamb 4 5 Charlie Granitto 6 Patrick Dolan […]

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