Race Day Results & Report

Overall, very impressed with the sailing today. Seven of the nine boats had top 3 finishes today; that’s great news for our team. Lots of video from today, will upload soon. Sorry not to get Marcus in! We had a missing skipper, but much was learned on the coach boats today.
WSW wind 4- 8 knots, quite shifty. Course was set up perfectly in the shifting winds to allow for great beats and OK downwinds. Seems the middle/middle left was best today, although the right paid off OK in at least one race, but not ALL the way right.rd1

  • off the line with speed. You can have the best, most favored position on the line in the world, but if you can’t accelerate up to speed very quickly its not worth it
  • Fouls. Make sure you follow through with protests and fouls. Saw a few circles today, maybe needed a few more?
  • Downwind positioning & tactics were not great, but the wind was fickle
  • Your race starts before, or at a minimum, at the warning signal. You should begin looking at the race track and discuss where the puffs are, where you might want to set up, to link yourself upwind. Remember the other boats in fleet racing arent your enemy (until Sunday afternoon), they are just additional objects you must factor in. You must get around the course in the shortest amount of time possible. This is best done by sailing your race, not match racing a boat near you.
  • Further to the point above, Dont get down. I saw a few in the back of the fleet a little flat. Stephanie/Parker were 3rd to last in the last race on the first beat, and look where they ended up.
  • Did your boat feel fast today? Why or why not?
  • Weight trim must match conditions. Conditions change, so should your fore and aft trim. This was not a strength of our team today.


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

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